National Mens weightlifting Championship: Shi Zhiyong sets new record and surpasses world record

 National Mens weightlifting Championship: Shi Zhiyong sets new record and surpasses world record

Hangzhou, October 23 (Xinhua) the qianjiangyuan National Park Cup 2020 National Mens weightlifting championship and Tokyo Olympic Games Simulation Competition held the second competition day at zhanxugang gymnasium in Kaihua, Zhejiang Province on October 23. Shi Zhiyong broke his own national record for the jerk in the 73kg class and surpassed the world record.

Shi Zhiyong was the focus of the day, and every appearance attracted cheers from the audience. As the world record holder of snatch, clean and jerk, and total score, he also showed strong dominance in the competition. He won three gold medals with the results of 164kg snatch, 199kg clean and jerk and 363kg total score. Yuan Chengfei, Fujians second place national team mate, was 18 kg in total.

Shi Zhiyong was the last one to appear in the snatch competition. After the second attempt of 161 kg, he won the gold medal and finally finished the snatch competition with the advantage of 5 kg. In the clean and jerk stage, the second attempt of 190kg was successful. In addition, yuan Chengfei successfully lifted 194kg, which brought a lot of pressure to Shi Zhiyong. In the last attempt, he boldly increased 9 kg and launched an impact on his 198 kg national and world records. When the three white lights were on, he could not hide his excitement, spit out his tongue and hold up his hands to celebrate.

After the game, Shi Zhiyong admitted that the record breaking clean and jerk result was a surprise, and that it was only with the strength of sucking that he made a wonderful performance for the home audience. Due to injuries, he basically did not maintain systematic training this year, and his physical recovery was not very ideal, which made his coach a little worried. However, he did not want to have any reservation, especially in the gymnasium named after his master Zhan Xugang, competition is a competition, as long as I go up, I will fight..

Im looking forward to the challenge of the Tokyo Olympic Games as much as possible

In the mens 81 kg competition, LV Xiaojun, a 36 year old veteran, failed to challenge his national record of snatch and clean and jerk, but still won silver medal in snatch and two gold medals in clean and jerk and total score with 170 kg, 201 kg and 371 kg. Ludelin of Shaanxi won the gold medal of snatch with 171 kg.

For nearly 20 years, every game has been a challenge for me, and I will continue to challenge. The current challenge is to hold on to next years Tokyo Olympics, which is the biggest challenge, Lu said

Among the players who competed with Lu Xiaojun, the youngest was 17 years younger than him. With the young generation continue to compete, the evergreen seems to have become accustomed to. Slowly, I dont know what the concept of post-90s or post-00s is. For me, I just hope to show my love for weightlifting on this stage, hoping that more audiences will like weightlifting through me.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651