How exciting is it to live with your girlfriend for the first time?

 How exciting is it to live with your girlfriend for the first time?

It is not only to open a new stage of the relationship, but also to understand all aspects of the other half.

How do you feel when you live with your girlfriend for the first time?

Gary has been living with his girlfriend for nearly half a year.

Like many people, two people will hate each other at first.

If he doesnt clean up the toilet, hell let his girlfriend out of the toilet

Gary doesnt think his girlfriend is bad. The only thing that drives him crazy is that his girlfriend often loses her hair and sometimes blocks the toilet drain outlet

They will be mixed up for these small things, but after a few months, the feelings get better and better.

He slowly got rid of the bad things that his girlfriend thought was bad, and she tried to keep the house clean.

Who cooks, who washes dishes, who walks the dog who washes and dries clothes. The family matters are also clearly divided by the two people.

Gary thinks that cohabitation is not only about two people living together, but also responsible for themselves and the other half.

This is the nth time Luke has advised friends who are going to start living together.

He and his predecessor just confirmed the relationship less than a week, they live together, saying that this is the best way to speed up the relationship.

Luke likes to be quiet, but his predecessor would invite friends to party at home from time to time. When she went out, she had to wait for her to make up for at least one hour, and the longest time was two hours. Luke, who was used to being free, did not like to be asked about traces every day.

The ex always gets into the top of some things, because its common to quarrel with Luke.

The big difference in living habits is only a fuse, and the crux of the matter is personality incompatibility.

If you dont live together on the premise of marriage, forget it.

Cohabitation can deepen the understanding of two people, which Ouyang deeply understands.

It turns out that girls have come to have a holiday, so its useless to drink more hot water;

She is a fairy outside, her fart can be very smelly; indeed, her girlfriend has two faces, before and after removing her makeup

After cohabitation, there are many things that make Ouyang more difficult to understand.

After living together for nearly a year, he still cant understand why it takes nearly two hours to take a 10 minute bath; he still doesnt know what his girlfriend is angry about;

There is always someone who calls her recently, and she keeps it away without answering.

Living together for such a long time, Ouyang admitted that he knew more than 95% of his girlfriend.

The remaining 5% is sometimes confusing.

Walker and his girlfriend have been living together for nearly three years, which seems to outsiders to have lost the novelty of the beginning.

Other people think their life is too plain, but they think it is more and more tacit understanding.

When getting up, his girlfriend will habitually hand him a cup of warm water;

When eating out, he naturally lifts his girlfriends hair back and ties it up with a hairband; when watching TV at home, his girlfriend gives a look and he knows its time to change channels

After three years of running in, they are too aware of each others temperament and the importance of giving each other freedom and space.

His girlfriend wont interfere with his brothers activities. He also thinks shopping with his girlfriend is a very interesting thing, even if he is really tired.

Walker also has his own understanding of freshness: doing something different from the same person is freshness.


Cohabitation is a must for most men and women.

Step past, although cant say the feelings from now on all the way smooth, at least know how to get along with the other half.

Before making the decision of cohabitation, its better to think for yourself and for each other.

Dont delay others or yourself because of your carelessness.

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