Does the running away of winning education spread to Jinan? Media visit 6 campuses

 Does the running away of winning education spread to Jinan? Media visit 6 campuses

With the break of the capital chain and the empty headquarters buildings, are all branches affected? Today, lightning news reporter took this question to visit six winning educational institutions in Jinan.

Lightning news reporter found a statement at the gate of Yousheng education Honglou campus. In the statement, Honglou campus said that its organization was a franchise organization of Yousheng education and operated independently. It only used the brand of Yousheng education. At present, the organization is in normal operation and there is no dispute. The Honglou campus staff of Yousheng education told the lightning news reporter that the children will basically come to class tomorrow (referring to this weekend), and classes will also be opened normally during the winter vacation. For example, the class periods of winter and summer vacation are basically full.

Then, lightning news reporter visited Yousheng education overpass campus. When entering the organization, the reporter found that although there was no staff at the front desk, students were having English lessons in a classroom.

Such as Honglou campus and Tianqiao campus, there are sunshine 100 campus, Weidong campus and Furen campus, some of which are still recruiting teachers. The staff of Fu Ren campus of Yousheng education told lightning news: we are a joint educational institution. We only use the brand of Yousheng education. We have never had the problem of wage arrears. Our leaders, class teachers and leaders have not changed.

The sunshine 100 campus and Weidong campus of eugenics education also said that there were no problems in the normal operation. Among them, the staff of Weidong campus also disclosed to lightning news that they are recruiting teachers recently, and the requirements for teaching teachers are relatively strict, they need to hold teacher qualification certificates, and some positions need three to five years of work experience.

At present, among the six excellent education institutions in Jinan, five are in normal operation, and only the experimental campus of Yousheng education is suspended. Lightning news reporter on-site visit found that the door of the experimental campus of the superior education province was closed, and there was no one inside. There was a notice to parents that the date of signing was October 24 on the door. The notice informed parents that the provincial experimental community will be decorated for a period of one month. Immediately, the reporter called the staff of the organization, the other party is now in a state of suspension and decoration: we cant resume the teaching in October, but we may have to recover it next month.

Lightning news reporters will continue to pay close attention to the suspected runaway storm of superior education and the impact on local direct marketing and franchise organizations.

Source: Author: ye Jinyan Kong ran editor: Wang Xiaowu_ NF