The Secretary of Yantai municipal Party committee denounces developers as ignorant of conscience

 The Secretary of Yantai municipal Party committee denounces developers as ignorant of conscience

In Longkou Marriott Eaton community, Yantai municipal Party Secretary Zhang Zhuping made severe criticism on the regulatory authorities and developers, and asked to implement the main body and regulatory responsibilities. The supervision group learned that at present, there is a shortage of funds for the developers of the community, and they are in arrears with the project payment of the construction unit and the supervision fee of the supervision unit, totaling more than 56 million yuan. The registration certificate of real estate needs qualified materials provided by survey and design, development, construction and supervision units.

Xu Chuanlu, director of Longkou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, said that the relevant construction units and supervision enterprises did not provide relevant information and did not cooperate with the completion acceptance, which led to the peoples real estate certificate not being handled for a long time. At the same time, in the process of coordination and promotion, the supervision department did not have much strength and methods, which was also an objective reason.

The local housing and Construction Department said that it was more troublesome to coordinate the economic disputes between these units, so they prepared to refer to the provincial and municipal methods for resolving the historical problems left over by the housing property rights of urban residents. In the case that the construction and supervision units did not cooperate, the local authorities employed a third-party intermediary agency to conduct quality appraisal instead of the traditional five main responsibility acceptance.

We are going to confirm a qualified third-party quality inspection agency to Longkou for on-the-spot evaluation today, and strive for less than 10 days to issue a quality assessment report, and then use the quality assessment report as an important basis for completion acceptance. Xu told lightning news.

At the same time, the promotion of planning acceptance and engineering detection and mapping work will also be started, and will be completed by the end of November. The local government will also apply for the real estate certificate of Marriott Eaton, open the green channel, implement the acceptance of shortage and quickly handle it, so as to meet the conditions for the application of real estate certificate in early December.

It is not your duty to say that you are not responsible for being light, and it is a matter of conscience to say that you are strict and focused. After that, we will finish this matter by the end of the year, and we must not be able to get the regulatory authorities to sanction developers. Zhang told the developers of the community, and asked to blacklist the developers who are not good, poor legal awareness and profit-seeking. In view of the problem that residents can not handle the real estate certificate, Yantai city has carried out special rectification actions on illegal and illegal behaviors in the real estate field from late October to the end of November. It conducts investigation and rectification around the illegal delivery of real estate, and focuses on the quality of life safety of the masses and the acceptance and delivery of fire fighting. Zhang believes that Yantai city center and counties and cities should step up investigation and understanding, sort out one by one, formulate a timetable for solving problems, take this political inquiry as an opportunity, solve this big and difficult problem, and turn bad things into good. What about the supporting middle school with good extension reading? Is the running road wave of running road of the green space international city project affected Jinan? Media visits 6 campuses Guizhou to discuss e-commerce platform: strictly prohibit marketing with special offering and special supply source: Author: he zewei Shi Xinliang is higher than Yantai Li Hongzhe Longkou Taiqu Lin responsible editor: wangxiaowu_ NF

If you say it lightly, you will not do your duty; if you say it strictly, you will have no conscience. It is agreed that if we finish this work before the end of the year, the regulatory authorities should punish developers. Zhang Shuping told the community developers, and asked the unscrupulous, poor legal consciousness, profit-making developers into the blacklist.

Zhang Shuping believed that the central urban area of Yantai and the counties and urban areas should step up the investigation and investigation, sort out one by one, formulate a timetable for solving the problems, and take the opportunity of this political inquiry to solve the long-standing and difficult problem and turn the bad thing into a good one.