What are the manifestations of two peoples Three Outlooks?

 What are the manifestations of two peoples Three Outlooks?

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Anyone who despises anybody, I think he is mentally retarded. He thinks I am woodlouse.

- @ Weixi

Miss Nansheng

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You can buy cosmetics as expensive as you can, 10 yuan for toilet paper and 20 yuan for toilet paper; you can buy expensive ones for clothes and fruits. A kitchen drain rack is not allowed to be bought right. Thats what my relatives do.

I like reading, but he says reading is boring. I like adventure movies, but he says Im sick. I dont ask him to read books, watch movies with me, or prevent him from playing games. But he just dont understand, also maliciously slander what I like. Its really uncomfortable.

Im a beauty

Cant say together, you say east and I say West, cant understand each others words, cant understand, also cant do.

- @ youve heard

I said the moon was beautiful tonight, you said it was suitable for thorn.

Lily Lily

Like I said the sea is beautiful, but you said that many people drowned

A white horse is not a horse.....

He wants to change you, and I dont want to change who I am now.

-- Qin Zi

One is thrifty, the other is extravagant.

Durian sexy girl

When two people are together, one is making progress and the other is regressing.

Water drop

The three outlooks are really incompatible. It is said that as long as love can be reconciled, the apparent harmony is tolerance, but how can we always tolerate without a bottom line? It is that everyone has a bottom line, and you can tolerate until you touch each others bottom line. If the other party cant accept it, you will feel that he doesnt love you so much.

Stewed crabapple with big fish

-- Wu Zhi

Shu said: the consistency of the three views does not require you to have exactly the same interests, preferences and ways of thinking, but to seek common ground while reserving differences, and to understand, understand and appreciate each other. Otherwise, if you share your happiness with him, he will feel that you are showing off; if you pour out your sorrow with him, he thinks you are affectation. Therefore, two people together must have similar three outlooks, otherwise no matter how good the feelings are, they are redundant. Life is too long, to love that really understand you. Life is too short, also dont aggrieve yourself, with a person who does not agree with the three outlooks.