Shan Jixiang: 5000 years of Chinese civilization is at our feet

 Shan Jixiang: 5000 years of Chinese civilization is at our feet

Shan Jixiang, who is nearly 70 years old, is still at the forefront of the protection of cultural heritage.

The ancient buildings and sites were destroyed. He and a group of cultural relics experts stood up to fight the developers fighting wisdom and bravery, and forced the developers who were fighting the demolition idea. The cultural relics protection units conflict with the daily life of the people. He supports the establishment of National Heritage Park, and 100000 people and site protection achieve a win-win situation .

China is a world-renowned ancient civilization, our nation in the long historical process has created countless precious cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is a treasure, not a grass. It should not be regarded as a thing of the past far away from todays society, but the soul of national culture and the spiritual wealth of the whole Chinese nation. Shan Jixiang said.

1u3001 The root and soul of 5000 years of civilization are at our feet

From Sanfang Qixiang to Daming Palace site, from Liangzhu ancient city site to Huashan rock painting, there are Hani terrace, Kaiping Diaolou, Fujian Tulou, Xidi Hongcun For these ancient sites and buildings left by our ancestors, Shan Jixiang is like a treasure.

In the late 70s, Shan Jixiang is still at the forefront of cultural heritage protection.

The three lanes and seven alleys, which are regarded as the root and soul of Fuzhou, were forced to demolish nearly one lane and two lanes due to the development of developers, which caused great concern among the local people.

Among them, the most exciting thing for Shan Jixiang is the application for world heritage of Liangzhu ancient city site.

In the past, people said that China has 5000 years, but the site of Liangzhu ancient city proves that China has 5000 years of civilization. Shan Jixiang said.

On July 6, 2019, Liangzhu ancient city site was successfully listed in the world heritage list at the 43rd UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting. So far, the total number of world heritage sites in China has reached 55, ranking first in the world.

The successful application of Liangzhu ancient city site not only fills in the blank of the world heritage list of Neolithic urban archaeological sites in East Asia, but also marks the recognition of the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization by the international community.

On the recording site of the first season of Chinas Heli of maopu u00b7 he cultural records, Shan Jixiang said, we are constantly talking about these cultural heritage resources, which are positive forces for urban development, and can not be regarded as the burden and stumbling block of urban development.

And his wish is to bring these national key cultural relics protection units, these historical and cultural cities, into peoples lives.

At present, the propaganda work is not enough for Chinas splendid 5000 year civilization. These should be world-class protection projects. We should deeply study their value, so that our people and tourists from all over the world can share these civilizations. Shan Jixiang said.

2u3001 Cultural heritage is a treasure, not a grass

Shan Jixiang has stressed one thing on different occasions. No matter which region, country or nation the worlds various civilizations are the cultural heritage of the local people from generation to generation, they should be respected and cherished.

Yang Lan also said, these treasures in our culture are actually golden mountains and silver mountains. They are the backbone for cultural tourism, cultural innovation and the development of our future cities.

In Chinas peace and power program, Shan Jixiang said that the first time discoverers and protectors of many precious cultural relics are ordinary farmers. They are very simple, but they have great reverence and respect for their ancestors and traditional culture.

The persistence of culture is not only to protect the cultural relics, but also to guard the history and civilization of the nation.

In Shan Jixiangs view, how to inherit the cultural heritage, let the dust laden history unveil the mysterious veil, let the light of civilization reappear brilliance, is the eternal subject that we all face.

Therefore, the palace museum holds a Taihe forum every year, inviting representatives of ancient civilized countries to discuss the protection of ancient civilizations in the world. At the forum, Shan Jixiang discussed with the delegates the importance of harmony in the inheritance of culture. People and nature should live in harmony, people should treat each other harmoniously, and peoples inner world should be harmonious and peaceful. In this way, our world is one A world of peace, friendship and development.

3u3001 Talking about Innovation: only when leaders let go, can employees have inspiration

Geng Baochang, a researcher at the Palace Museum and an expert in cultural relics appraisal, commented on his old president: the Forbidden City used to be royal, but now it belongs to the people. President Shan Jixiang displays and interprets traditional culture in a way that people like to see and hear. The Palace Museum needs such a kind of gatekeeper who keeps integrity and innovation from generation to generation.

In order to make the 600 year old palace museum produce internal vitality and explore the cultural connotation of the collection, Shan Jixiang has made a lot of efforts.

When he found that the originality of the cultural and creative products in the Imperial Palace Museum was insufficient and there were more copies, Shan Jixiang went to the Palace Museum in Taipei to learn from the classics.. What I feel most deeply is that they add the word creativity to cultural products, and they can make more practical works according to the needs of peoples life today

Shan Jixiang in China and force memories, in order to stimulate the creativity of the design team, he boldly chose to let go of management.

Innovation and creativity have enabled the Forbidden City to cross the 600 year time gap and rejuvenate its vitality.

By the end of 2018, the Palace Museum has developed more than 10000 cultural and creative products. The great cultural and creative works of the Palace Museum have been on the hot search repeatedly, becoming the new favorite of young people. The sales volume of that year exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Screenshot from taobao

The cultural creation of the Forbidden City makes the once high cultural relics collection no longer cold, but with temperature and sprouting point, which is also related to the fate of many people. Many people have a new understanding of the Forbidden City through cultural innovation, and they also like the Palace Museum.

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Mao Pu u00b7 he Wenlu u00b7 China Heli u00b7 the first issue

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