Its not easy to be a migrant worker

 Its not easy to be a migrant worker

As a matter of fact, I always confirm my schedule before I come to the company.

Then he was worried and told himself secretly:

Today is also a busy day. Hold on.

Employees need to listen to the leadership, entrepreneurs need to find investors,

Everyone has Party A, and life is everyones Party A.

In the past, when I mentioned working, I only thought about carrying a large bag of luggage,

Now a migrant worker has leveled all his status.

And working has also changed from a mode of survival to a state of life.

Some time ago, as a new talk show, Li Xueqin became a big hit on the show.

Unlike other peoples high spirited state, she was very sad.

To what extent?

As soon as she came to the stage, she told everyone directly:

Its the first time Ive talked about talk shows, so dont expect anything from me.

When someone said: only in Beijing can we realize our dream.

She asked: is your dream to hold the Olympic Games? It must be realized in Beijing.

For Beijing, Im not even a spare tire.

I fight for it, save money for it, pay youth for it.

When I left, I said goodbye to it.

It also said, who are you?

This city is full of high-rise buildings and seems to be full of opportunities and wealth,

You can see it, but you cant touch it.

Li Xueqin has not never tried hard.

She killed herself and stopped bleeding,

Tossed about an hour and a half, continued to work overtime to do PPT.

But the result is to tell her repeatedly: you cant.

She did not tangle, picked up the bag and went back to Tieling.

Today, she wrote everything into a story and told it painlessly.

Tell those who didnt think highly of themselves

The downhill road in your eyes has been taken out of a new height by me.

The ambition of a poor man is not short, but the ambition of a tiger is thin.

Most people in modern times are like this, and Guo Qilin is no exception.

Ive thought of the most tragic result of everything.

And so what else is there to lose?

Youll always think that way, and youll never be disappointed.

Adults who are emotionally stable are not without unhappiness.

They reduce expectations, lie flat and admit their lives, and sometimes even laugh at themselves,

But without delay, we should face up to the fact that we still need to work harder.

What can I do if I cant balance my life and study?


How to do when I feel no motivation to study for a doctor?


What to do if the college entrance examination fails?

Cant go to college, you cant go to McDonalds to work

If the road is blocked, take another way.

It is not so difficult to make bitterness sweet.

The premise is that you have the courage to turn.

Recently, there is a video in my favorite.

Someone made a special editing of please answer 1988

It doesnt matter. It really doesnt matter.

If everything goes well, its not life.

From: @ vertical drama

I want to tell everyone who is struggling:

Stagnant tangles and anxieties are no more comfortable than the hard work of going against the current.

It is better to bloom in advance than to wither in hesitation.

Good and bad, you have survived, is brave.

Even if you cant be great, its no shame to be a street corner passer-by.

Day and dream are equal.

Come on, worker.

I have observed a kind of people: no matter what happens, they do not seem to be afraid, as if nothing can hammer them. Later, I found out that they were more willing than fearless. When the opportunity comes, try; when the problem is in the way, solve it. Each accept a little, can get more, and encourage with you.