Queen of Spain step on high heel shirt with cape in rain

 Queen of Spain step on high heel shirt with cape in rain

But the 48 year old queen Letizia still looks confident and calm. She wears a medical mask regularly, and her dark brown hair drifts freely in the wind. Although the rain makes her look a little embarrassed, she still has her own shining light and intellectual quality that cant be ignored.

It is reported that the national fashion industry award, jointly promoted by the Spanish Ministry of industry, commerce and tourism, was launched six years ago to highlight the reputation of the countrys fashion industry. So at the ceremony, the ministers of industry, trade and tourism came together.

A few days ago, Queen Letizia attended the fourth information conference on disability, jointly organized by the arapar foundation, the Federation of Spanish journalists associations (FAPE) and the Royal disability Committee. She was dressed in a black vertical stripe suit, looking strong and capable of business.

This time, the pleated skirt with black matching modeling shows a full sense of nobility, less tough temperament, more elegant charm, whether it is temperament, or dress taste, Queen Letizia looks really beautiful.

The Spanish queen seems to have a special love for the cloak, bright red long Cape, black elegant Cape, are necessary for her wardrobe. And perhaps because of coincidence, Queen Letizia is likely to choose a match every time she appears on the red carpet.

They all wear red cloaks. The British royal family has two. Megan and her mother-in-law Princess Diana have similar dress tastes. They have shown the charm of red cloaks. The other two are full of charm. Four women are in the same frame. Who will win? (Editor: hollymarito, source network)