Go out with this classic bag

 Go out with this classic bag

Women who take the modern urban route can try to splice the cloud bag with large chains. Its thick metal chain shoulder strap design can neutralize the original soft feeling of the bag, highlight the cool Street atmosphere, with a sense of hip-hop, but also very recognizable. The back and upper body can become the focus of the crowd in an instant. When the pure gold color chain is designed, it can easily attract the eye of pure gold color.

2u3001 Saddle bag

Saddle bag, in fact, is a classic bag produced by the brand Dior. It is like a saddle shaped bag with unforgettable skills. It has been popular since it was launched. It can be said that half of the stars in the entertainment industry are carrying it. Not only is the bag special, but also its matching attribute is very strong. It can be used all the year round. This is a typical Dior saddle bag carried by Wang Likun. Its signature brand letter printing design is highly recognizable, and it can also give the piece more fashion sense.

In addition, most of the saddle bags are designed with double shoulder belt, which can be carried, cross slung and single shoulder back. It is not only practical, but also can be used for one bag, three uses, and can freely switch back method according to its own style of wearing. It is easy to concave a changeable and interesting shape. This saddle bag, like Qi Weibei, is worth starting with. Its shoulder strap design is versatile and practical. Combined with its eye-catching bright blue color, it can easily add a touch of bright color to the dull autumn and winter wear, which is eye-catching and eye-catching

3u3001 Dharma stick bag

In recent years, the trend of retro style has been revived, and many famous brands have begun to reprint their classic works. In addition to the popularity of saddle bag, fabang bag has become a popular bag nowadays. Its shape is longer than ordinary bag, and the line design is very simple. It is good-looking and practical. It is the preferred bag for many urban women when they go out. For example, Bella once carried a baguette out of the street on her back. The leopard print elements on her bag add a wild and personalized flavor to the piece. Even if it is matched with the basic top and pants, she can still get a fashionable look.

At present, the popular Dharma stick bag can learn from the design of underarm bag and adopt short shoulder belt treatment. It can not only highlight the agile temperament on the back, but also put the whole bodys focus on the position of upper body through the shoulder belt which can not only show height but also show leg length, which is very suitable for short girls. For example, Qi Wei carries a short shoulder strap bag with metal buttons, which can instantly integrate the retro and modern feeling, and highlight the fashionable and delicate feeling.

4u3001 Diamond check bag

As a bag that has been popular since the last century, rhombic check bag is definitely a senior in the bag industry. Diamond shaped stitches will be added to the bag body, which can make the surface of the bag more three-dimensional and have texture. Feel with a few small fragrance pieces shows a touch of elegance in delicacy. For example, Liu Wen chose a rhombic bag with pearl buttons to decorate the cardigan coat, which has a noble feeling.

The common rhombic check bag is integrated with the rectangular profile. It not only has a good versatility, but also can make the ordinary bag more design sense through the design of rhombic stitching. It can be said that it is a bag with good matching and practicability. Like song Zuers bag, it is a more classic rhombic pattern bag, with a strong sense of wind coat coat, there is no violation of the feeling.

When women in their 40s and 50s go out, they should carry these four classic bags as much as possible, so as to be fashionable and fashionable. Instead of starting with a lot of useless bags, its better to choose four classic bags, which are not only easy to build and look good, but also need not worry about the problem of being out of date even after five or six years.

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