Dont wear jeans under the sweater. Learn from Wang Ziwen

 Dont wear jeans under the sweater. Learn from Wang Ziwen

For some casual sisters, one side of the shoulder strap can be put down. Many young girls also like this kind of dressing, which shows the youth and fashion, and is also very attractive. We can choose a more relaxed version when we usually wear it. It looks very comfortable and casual. It feels lazy and comfortable. It is very good for both office workers and sisters who live at home.

We can also match it with a strapless skirt. Its very elegant and intellectual to choose a sweater and a belt skirt. The strap skirt is very suitable for autumn and winter, and it can also keep out the cold when it is cold with bare leg artifact. Floral dress with solid color sweater, retro fashion, denim skirt with graffiti sweater, cool and fashionable, no matter what stage of sisters can try.

2. Sweater + overalls

Overalls are very popular in recent years. They are very powerful for modifying leg shape and tolerance. Many sisters of different sizes can wear them. And the sweater with overalls, is undoubtedly a cool and casual image, such as black overalls with white graffiti sweater, and then with black vest, this kind of color contrast image is very popular for girls who like neutral style.

Some sisters like overalls at the same time, but also like the introverted style, Xiaobian is also recommended. Beige or apricot overalls will reduce its original cold feeling. If you choose a sweater in pumpkin color or milk tea color, you will feel full of gentle and quiet temperament. Even if you change the top into a shirt, polo shirt or sweater, you can do it.

3. Sweater + skirt

Its very bold and beautiful to wear a sweater with a skirt, but it may be too cold for autumn and winter. At this time, leggings and bare leg artifact will come into play. Bold and eye-catching fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green and phosphor bathrobe with dark Department of the same color system skirt, such as brown yellow, dark green and rose red, is quite white skin, and dare to wear bold sisters can try.

Of course, for the sister whose skin is more wheat, the bright color is not suitable for her. At this time, Xiaobian will introduce haze blue sweater with dark blue pleated skirt or wine red sweater with black tight leather skirt, which are very white colors. Whether it is fashionable hot mother or student sister, they can be controlled.

The design of the half skirt is to highlight our leg lines. The sweater plus the half skirt can highlight the beauty of our body, especially for the short sisters. The half skirt will show part of our legs and increase the proportion of our visual stature. Whether it is a pure color sweater with a simple black half skirt, or a black hooded sweater with tie dye half skirt, it is a very good way to wear In this paper.

4. Sweater + boots

Sister boots with perfect leg lines are also perfect choices. They can hide our whole legs. Sisters who like simple style can try pinkish purple tie dyed hoodies with leather Martin boots. They are full of street style. For sisters who like retro film style, Xiaobian recommends brown orange sweater with lace edge Brown Tweed boots The temperament is the flavor of celebrities in the 1980s and 1990s.

In autumn and winter, when you wear a light brown windbreaker or woolen coat on the outside and a white, off white or milk tea sweater on the inside, it is very warm in autumn and winter. At this time, when you put on ostrich colored woolen cloth or leather boots, the image of the female host of the Korean drama will appear. If you like Korean style clothes, you can also change to a hooded sweater with a baseball uniform and a charge Street clothes are very popular in Korea.

Well, todays small editor recommended for you to wear the sweater here, I hope Wang Ziwens little sisters collocation can help you, I hope you can have some understanding on the collocation of the sweater, goodbye!