Quan Zhilong, you really cant do it again

 Quan Zhilong, you really cant do it again

As soon as this group of photos came out, they quickly went on the hot search, and many people were discussing whether he had finished it or not.

Its not easy to make a conclusion about his current nose shape, which is really similar to the contracture nose in the sequela of the whole nose, that is, the nose is turned up, the nose is shortened, the nostrils are exposed, and the skin tension of the nose is insufficient.

A slight one is Chen Xiaoyun.

In other words, l-apical flow has also been suspected to be unnatural because of the shortening of the tip of the nose.

Lets go back to Quan Zhilongs face. In fact, his nose was a little disobeyed in his early years.

Accustomed to the refined, polished and filter created by the flawless beauty, we often forget the real appearance of the stars.

Like little Z, there will be pores and grease on the nose wings of beauties.

Zhou Xun, lighting so good can also see that the pores are thick, and even a little red sensitive.

Stars cant escape these pimples and pores, enough to prove how difficult it is to have small skin problems.

Of course, on the other hand, there are also some natural dermabrasion muscles, which do not have closed pores and granular acne, and can easily hold the contact lens.

Its a fairy.

The reason why we can have this kind of natural dermabrasion is that we have to work hard beyond the gene.

1. Long flow of light

If you have enough budget, you can add photorejuvenation into your daily maintenance and go to the hospital to get a year pass or something to fight against light aging for a long time.

2. Targeted strong lattice laser

Lattice laser (also known as flying shuttle) is the use of laser heat damage to stimulate skin repair, gradually fill up the pit.

3. brush acid immediately

However, once the excessive use of acid, the skin barrier is damaged, it is easy to allergy, peeling, produce red blood silk.

The director is honest, as long as you do medical beauty, more or less will have certain harm to the skin. For example, the photoelectric treatment itself is based on the first damage, then reconstruction foundation, relying on the skins own repair ability to improve the skin quality.

(laser treatment of pockmarks and marks)

Moreover, shrinking pores and closing the mouth is a long-term project, which cant be achieved overnight. Medical beauty and daily skin care are never two choices, and daily skin care is also very important.