The ugly shoes I disliked in those years are now so fashionable

 The ugly shoes I disliked in those years are now so fashionable

The ins also has a unique tab everything can clip competition; it is also seen in street shots of Japanese and Korean stars.

An e-commerce platform once collected the sales data of toe shoes, and the sales volume in 2018 alone was more than twice that of the previous year. Even so, there are still a lot of people who are biased against the shoes. It was not until Maison Margiela launched the sneaker version of split toe shoes in the past two years that more people learned about the beauty of Tabi.

But because of the chubby yeezy slides, even Emily ratajkowski, who is usually well dressed, cant refuse its charm.

It can be seen that even if the ugly shoes that countless people did not understand before, they also have the opportunity to turn over and be noticed again. And this years several popular shoes are exactly such examples. They used to belong to the category of ugly shoes, after redesign, ushered in explosive growth of exposure.

On the show in 2019, Stella McCartney has added new elements to the classic Hunter boots. The heavy rain boots, which used to focus only on functionality, have been upgraded to become a new favorite.

Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton launched a new raincollection, and our familiar archlight sneaker was transformed into a rain boot version.

Blogger willabelle ongs shoes are silhouette boots from rain collection. The design of the heel is very ingenious with old pattern.

Bvs new buddleboots is also a rain boot. The boots are environmentally friendly and use biodegradable materials. Pumpleboots uses a high saturation candy color, round shoes and eye-catching colors make it highly recognizable.

The upgraded fashionable rain boots have not lost the original strong thermal and waterproof functions, and the fashion is not reduced. Moreover, the rain boots can handle almost any single product, and they are very good-looking with suits, cycling shorts and skirt.

There are also Aigles rain boots with high performance price ratio, and the rain boots with Knights boot elements are of various styles. You can wear them every day looking forward to rain.

In fact, when square head shoes were first popular, they felt more temperament than round toe shoes, and more comfortable than pointed shoes. It can be said that it is a perfect combination of appearance and practicability, but the square head design makes the whole shoes look more modern.

Later, the square head shoes introduced by the major brands made the toe design wider and larger, which immediately gave rise to a modern sense.

Baliaga is becoming more and more popular. In recent years, the BV square head shoes series has covered high heels, sandals and short boots.

Since then, square toe shoes have been standing at the forefront of the tide. You can see the repeated bombing of bloggers on INS.

Many designer brands, including byfar and staud, are launching pieces with this concept.

What can not be denied is that the square toe shoes with wider toe have certain restrictions on the applicable crowd. Those women whose legs are not long enough are easy to expose the short board when wearing them. It is still recommended that people with this figure choose the style with moderate width.

Probably many peoples impression of the shoes is still at this stage. This year, the word-of-mouth of shoes with thick soles has completely reversed.

In 2019, Pradas thick soles are presented in a new way - the jagged soles look like tire patterns, and the clumsy feel is replaced by a locomotive feel.

Bvs thick soled shoes are hard to find every season. Basically, all the counters are out of stock, and money cant be bought. Bvs thick soled shoes do not pursue the thickness against the weather, which leads to the change of appearance quality.

There are also a lot of brands that stand out in the design of platform shoes: Valentino, Stella McCartney, msgm and Ganni.

Bvs boot length is more suitable for people with long legs, while GIA Couture Firenzes high boots are more applicable.

Grenson is a more cost-effective option, with a boot size similar to bv priced at 2000 +. He also has a choice of thick soled Martin boots.

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