What are the girls who shine in the crowd?

 What are the girls who shine in the crowd?

They are seven outstanding young women selected by these seven benchmark figures and shining like gems in their respective fields

This time, vogue clothing and beauty magazine has stridden through four issues, with the theme of blooming self, illuminating the times, inviting seven nominees and seven winners to have in-depth talks, and through them to show the rich inner world and colorful career path of contemporary women.

At the beginning of Lamu Yangzis popularity, he Jiong paid attention to the lovely girl who took the video. The remake of Ramu Yangzis series has been widely spread, and her original online drama life started with me conforms to the vertical screen and fragmented viewing mode. Not long ago, her performance in actor please be in place is also commendable, delicate and relaxed. Internet Celebrities, or comedians, are not concerned about their labels and never set limits on themselves. These two people, who are dedicated to the work of happiness, discuss the warm power of humor to others, the multiple aesthetic tendency and the power of self-confidence.

Photo by Liang Hengyi

He Jiong

White printed shirt and black suit coat are Alexander McQueen

Gold ring, diamond bracelet and watch are all Bvlgari

The earrings (single wearing) and snake bracelets are all Bvlgari

The rings and watches are Bvlgari

Black hat personal effects

Alberta Ferretti pink strapless dress

Colorful gem necklace Bvlgari

Photography: Liang Hengyi

Li Shaohong

Massimo dutti with black high collar and dark blue coat

The earrings and necklaces are Bvlgari

Snow White:

Brown collar with Massimo dutti

Sky blue coat maxmara

Earrings Bvlgari

Dark grey long vest Zhang Yuhao

Giorgio Armani

Black high heels Stuart Weitzman

White short coat and wide leg pants are boss

The earrings and rings are Bvlgari

It has been ten years since Li Mengs film career. Her performance wild horses mane was shortlisted for Cannes 2020 Film Festival. Seven years have passed since she was shortlisted in Cannes for her role in destiny. She is still growing up in denial and affirmation. Tao Hongs suspense film cold in the hot sun, which was produced and starred by Tao Hong, was also killed not long ago. The real beauty of the script behind the event attracted her. The two big ladies in their own lives discussed their respective movie routes, their off camera scenes and highlight moments in their lives.

Photo by Liang Hengyi

Li Meng:

Grey stockings Prada

Platinum diamond earrings and rings are Bvlgari

Tao Hong:

Black suit coat, black trousers, black belt

Both are Alexander McQueen

Platinum diamond earrings and rings are Bvlgari

Dark green bra Giada

Platinum diamond earrings, necklaces and rings are all Bvlgari

Blue Strapless Bottega Veneta

Platinum diamond necklace Bvlgari

Photo by Liang Hengyi

Huang Jue:

Blue suit coat and blue trousers are Louis Vuitton

Colour silk shirt berluti

Gu ailing:

Black suit Alexander McQueen

Necklace Bvlgari

Sandro, black Plush coat

Black Knit Top Salvatore Ferragamo

The grey knitted top and black suspender skirt are MiuMiu Miu

Louis Vuitton

Necklaces and bracelets are Bvlgari

Photo by Liang Hengyi

Wang Miao

Orange one body leather skirt bottegavenetia

Li Guangming

Grey suit coat Dior

Rose gold black ceramic ring Bvlgari

Brown knitted turtleneck and brown trousers are Bottega Veneta

Watch Bvlgari

Orange one piece leather skirt Bottega Veneta

Flower shaped diamond ring and bracelet are all Bvlgari

Hou Honglan and Duan Jingting, two well-known ballet dancers, fled from famous dance troupes in order to maintain their sensitivity and curiosity about art. They insist on expressing themselves with the strength of their bodies, looking for their own new directions in addition to the classics of classical ballet. Persistence is the most important thing ballet teaches them, and they never stop spinning and jumping, and transmit beauty and strength to more ordinary people by dancing. The two dance artists discussed the art of womens self shaping and their courage to break the stereotype.

Photo by Liang Hengyi

Hou Honglan

Alberta Ferretti blue dress

The jewelry earrings and rose gold wristwatches are all Bvlgari

Duan Jingting

White dress Chlo u00e9

Silver heels Givenchy

Pink dress Givenchy

Diamond Earrings Bvlgari

Isabel marant

Diamond ring Bvlgari

Jiang Jie and nabuqi, two female sculptors who are active in the forefront of Chinese contemporary art, always express their thinking about the world in the expression and occupation of space. In their view, sculpture, regardless of volume or material, is the job of artists to always find accurate expression. The two famous artists discussed their artistic life, as well as the bottlenecks and dark moments in their life.

Nabuchi, left:

Black knitted high neck top Etro

Denim wide leg pants ports1961

White flat shoes personal effects

Necklaces and bracelets are Bvlgari

Jiang Jie (right)

Dark green coat, trousers and turmeric leather boots are all personal belongings

Rings and long necklaces are Bvlgari

Jiang Jie

Off White Knit Top Bally

Dark green dress Giada

Black pointed boots ports1961

Necklace Bvlgari


Alexander McQueen white shirt skirt, black belt

Necklaces and rings are Bvlgari

Confident and introspective, gentle and brave, beautiful and intelligent. Live in the present and explore the unknown. They are not afraid to show their true selves, nor avoid the scrutiny of society and others. In the new decade, our world seems to be more complex and charming. The gears of time are running faster and faster, and women have more opportunities to show their strength. These seven outstanding women who are shining like gems show us the rich female world and colorful career path of contemporary women, which makes us see more possibilities that women power can bloom in this era.


Zhu fan juvan, ye Yun julyye

He Jiong u00d7 Lamu Yangzi, Tao Hong u00d7 Li Meng, Huang Jue u00d7 Gu ailing


Jin Jiping charliechin

Li Shaohong u00d7 Bai Xue