Is it reliable to paint gold foil on your face?

 Is it reliable to paint gold foil on your face?

In fact, gold skin care is not just popular this year. Is it really effective to add Kirakiras gold foil to skin care products?

Gold skin care is not just a gimmick

There are surprises everywhere

When seeing the golden skin care method, most people will think that this is just a gimmick. In fact, gold can really nourish skin!

Like natural ingredients such as roses, gold is actually a skin care raw material, and the skin care effect brought by TA is even more surprising. First of all, gold has an antioxidant effect. Because the gold ingredient can resist oxygen free radicals well, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging.

Its malleable and hard to react with skin. All these advantages make gold skin care a popular trend.

Dare to taste the fresh female stars, have long been in love with gold skin care!

Zhao Lusi

Zhao Ruth and everyone on the red book and a gold foil skin care oil, feel particularly suitable for autumn and winter! Five drops can be applied to the whole face, moisten and not sticky. The effect of repairing can be achieved by using it.

Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Zhao Lusi

Zhao Ruth herself is sensitive skin. The gold foil is not stimulating at all. You can pick it up.

Zhang Shaohan

Source: xiaohongshu @ Zhangshaohan

The most popular gold foil skin care product is mask. Not only the SPA museum will launch the golden foil mask project, but also the beauty brands will continue to Amway their own golden mask.

Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Zhang Shaohan

Seeing Angela Changs golden mask experience, I still feel that I really grow grass. After a time, the skin can feel soft elastic, pores also become more delicate. But if you want to really improve skin quality, you still need to stick to it for a while and the effect is better.

Editors recommendation

It contains a whole bottle of essence cream, add 24K pure gold particles, increase skin resistance and brighten complexion. Mask paper is also very soft and skin friendly.

AHAVA Dead Sea Fu Yan gold mask

With active ingredients of 24K gold particles, it can firm skin, regulate water and oil balance, make skin more elastic, and can be mild and bright.

Darphin duofan 24K gold bottle

Skin care experience upgrade

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The gold foil body milk produced by Chanel, my cousins favorite, is shining and beautiful, and the whole person becomes intoxicated with it.

In addition to the use of body milk and perfume, the sense of ritual is more important. Gold foil has become the best bonus!

Editors recommendation

Face control must! On the body, it can obviously feel the skin becomes glossy, and has the refreshing feeling of peppermint. It belongs to the refreshing and non sticky type, and its fragrance is much lighter than that of perfume.

A bottle can have body milk + perfume, and can hardly be perfect. Its shiny and beautiful. It has excellent moisture and ductility. It can be used every day.

Like to try new grass friends might as well try duck!

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