Djourt: Im sorry I didnt win French Open. The US Open wants to break the Grand Slam record

 Djourt: Im sorry I didnt win French Open. The US Open wants to break the Grand Slam record

Before heading to Vienna for the atp500, Novak made a number of statements to journalists in Serbia, where he summed up the past few months. Djokovic told reporters: its a bit of a pity because I havent won trophies in New York or Paris, but Im in excellent shape in both cities. At the French Open, I met a much better opponent in the final, and I needed to improve. That unfortunate thing happened in New York, but I won in Cincinnati and Rome. Ive only lost one game this year without breaking the contract, so Im free to say that Im probably playing the best tennis of my life

The season is like that, with rest and everything else, but Ive won a lot of games, so I can compare this year with 2011 and 2015. The goal is clear - I want to be number one in the world by the end of this year, and I hope to have as much advantage as possible in the first three months of 2021, which will make me number one in history, which is one of the two biggest goals of my career, Djokovic said. there may be people who disagree with my ambition, but I have been raised to be a sincere person since I was a child. I dont like to pretend.

Djokovic also talked about his plans for the Australian Open in January, saying: we hope the quarantine period will not be that long. If this continues, most of us will go to Australia early and we will have to. The Australian Open is definitely on my agenda. As for the ATP cup, Ill talk to my team at the end of the season and well make a decision

The current record is held by Pete Sampras, who has topped the world six times. If they win in Vienna, the Serbs are likely to match the record. Its hard for his opponent Nadal to narrow the gap, and Novak knows that. Thats why he chose to play in Austria rather than Paris, where he couldnt get any new points. (all tennis)

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