Diana: a style rose

 Diana: a style rose

She has always been one of the most popular members of the royal family. He was born with a golden spoon and held a sensational wedding ceremony. However, he broke down for a time because he was not loved in marriage. He divorced and fled the royal family.

The most beautiful woman in formal dress


Diana deserves to be named the most beautiful woman in formal dress. Formal dress often gives people the impression that they are too dull and too serious. However, when looking at the formal dress of Princess Diana, there is always vitality and lovely side. When she is elegant, she does not look old-fashioned. It is the magic that Princess Diana exerts on her.

A slightly dull suit, because Princess Dianas flexible use of color appears clear and bright.

There are also noble purple, you can choose light color with low saturation to reduce the intensity of color. In fact, it is also reducing aggression and looking more compatible.

A light apricot suit is more interesting than white. Even in the style of dignified and elegant, rich colors will also increase the possibility of wearing.

My favorite sport style


I still remember that Hailey Bieber had a group of pictures that imitated the sports style of Princess Diana. The clothes inside were really more wonderful than those taken by supermodel in the street.

In fact, Princess Diana used to wear cycling pants on the street several decades ago.

It is easy to wear with a wide sweater.

When you are naughty, you will also take a neutral look and wear sportswear with an oversize suit.

Fashionable daily life of British rose


Neutral style is a common element in her private clothes. A simple white shirt can give you a strong and capable feeling. It is easy to wear with a skirt or jeans.

There are also the popular medium boots, which were worn by Princess Diana in those years. Im afraid that because of the imbalance in the proportion of boots, its good to wear a cool street style.

You can carry Hermes, you can carry a basket. People friendly and kind Daifei let us see that senior can also be lovely. Because of contrast, so charming.

The best dress woman


Diana, in her 20s, likes to dress up as a fairy tale princess.

Dreamy colors, layered frills, and gorgeous ribbons.

With the Royal experience, she began to give up the sweetness of her character.

Instead, its a dress with body proportions. Smooth lines, obvious shoulder line, just right exposed skin, from sweet to elegant, British rose fairy tale began to wake up.

At the time, because the dress was too sexy, she never showed up until her husband, Charles, admitted that she had a romantic relationship with Camilla. She wore the tight black dress to attend the event, which was amazing.


Princess Dianas dress is always kind and friendly. She knows to match the formal elements with lively elements to make it no longer dull and dazzling. In the fashion circle in recent years, the pieces she used are still often renovated. People still learn from her collocation, which is still fashionable and never out of date.