He is the top salary of Guangdong team. Look at Du Fengs death gaze

 He is the top salary of Guangdong team. Look at Du Fengs death gaze

Guangdong stay in Suwei at all costs

Su Wei is a lucky general for Guangdong team. Although he was born as a canoe player, Su Weileng recommended himself to the second team of Guangdong Hongyuan in 2003, and finally successfully changed to a basketball player. In the second year Su Wei joined Guangdong team, the team won the first CBA championship in history.

In 2006, Su Wei was promoted to the Guangdong first team. Since then, he has gradually gained a place in the Guangdong team. During this period, the team has won five championships in succession. During the off-season in 2013, Su Wei transferred to Xinjiang Guanghui and joined Qingdao team after three seasons. In Su Weis five seasons away from Guangdong, this kings Division has not won a championship.

In the summer of 2018, the Guangdong team decided to recall Su Wei in order to enhance its internal strength. General manager Zhu Fangyu can be said to be at all costs, with a 5-for-2 plan to bring the old player back to Guangdong from Qingdao: Guangdong team sent out four players including Zhou zhandong, Yang Jinmeng, Shao Yinglun and Liu Chuanxing, a youth team member. At the same time, Gaosheng, who was previously loaned to Qingdao, will also be transferred permanently. So good Qingdao team, this will Su Wei and Diao Chenghao trade to Guangdong. The first year after Su Weis return, he helped the team regain the long-standing championship. During Yi Jianlians injury last season, Su Wei took up the Guangdong interior line and made great contributions to the teams 10th championship. At the award ceremony after the finals, Su Wei carried Yi Jianlian on his back to win the cup, which is also a true portrayal of the teams playoff journey.

After leaving the team for 5 years, Guangdong won 0 championship, and 2 years after coming back, you have to say that Su Weizhen is a member of Guangdong Fujiang. Today, in the CBA active players, no one has more championship rings than Su Wei (Zhou Peng and Su Wei are the same seven).

This season, Zhu Fangyu in order to retain the 31 year old Su Wei is also under the blood. According to the CBA League rules, each team can have up to three top paid contract players, and the top salary for domestic players in the new season is 8 million. One of the top three salaries in the Guangdong team was given to Su Wei, while the other two were Yi Jianlian and Ren Junfei.

Although the top salary does not mean that every top salary contract is 8 million yuan, since as the top salary, Su Weis annual salary is higher than Zhao Rui. Zhao Rui just signed a two-year contract this summer. As a national level guard, his annual salary is about 6 million yuan. The gap between the top paid players salary and the players annual salary of other types of contracts is at least 500000 yuan, that is to say, Su Weis annual salary is at least more than 6.5 million yuan.

Last season, Su Wei, as a substitute for Yi Jianlian, averaged 11.9 minutes per game, scoring 4.2 points and 3.3 rebounds. Guangdong team can give this blue collar veteran such a high salary, it is not difficult to understand. During the off-season, the team once wanted to introduce an inside player to alleviate the interior problems caused by Yi Jianlians injury. However, Zhu Fangyus favorite player was either staying in the team or being poached by other teams. Guangdong team returned empty handed in the market. Now the team attaches great importance to Su Wei, which undoubtedly hopes that Yi Jianlian can become the pillar of the teams interior line when he is injured or absent.

Du Feng abandoned 4 minutes in the first game

The new season has just played three rounds, Su Weis performance makes many Guangdong fans can not accept: three games to get 5 points, not as many fouls.

In the first game of Zhejiang, Guangdong team defeated Zhejiang Chouzhou 113-138. Su Wei played for 4 minutes, 1 shot 0, got 1 point, 4 rebounds and 2 fouls. The reason why Du Feng abandoned Su Wei is not difficult to understand. Although Liu Zeyi, the short interior player of Zhejiang team, is only 2.01 meters, Su Weis pace is too slow when defending him, and the problem of bad defense habits is obvious, and he cant keep up with Liu Zeyi. That game, Liu Zeyi 11 shot 10 to get 25 points and 13 rebounds, almost one person hit the entire Guangdong interior line.

6 minutes, 0 points and 6 offenses in the second game

In the second game in Shenzhen, Su Wei, Zeng fanri and Zhang Hao, the three centers of the team, all showed the side of foul king. Su Wei was the first to bear the brunt. After only one and a half quarters of the game, Su Wei had committed five fouls. Du Feng quickly replaced Su Wei.

After the half-time break, the Guangdong mens basketball team in the third quarter blew the clarion call of counterattack. At this time, Du Feng sent Su Wei to play again. As a result, he fouled directly near the central circle and left the game with six. On the spot game, Su Wei played a total of 6 minutes, 0 points and 1 rebounds, and sent out a fault in addition to the six.

Shen Zijie, in sharp contrast to Su Wei, is killing all sides in the interior. Facing the absence of Arab League in Guangdong, Shen Zijie played rampant. 7 out of 10 shots, 21 out of 24 free throws, 35 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 blocks. Shen Zijies 35 points also set a new record in his career.

Three games in 12 minutes to win a season high 4 points and 5 boards

In the third quarter, Guangdong team led by a big score, and Su Wei put on his clothes again. In an attack, Su Wei faced Guangsha three people to surround under the basket and couldnt make it. After landing, he said to the referee that the opponent had fouled. As a result, the referee went forward and blew a technical foul. After the whole game, Su Wei got five fouls. However, in this game, Su Weis playing time increased to 12 minutes, during which he got 4 points and 5 rebounds.

After the game, coach Du Feng praised Su Weis performance: the teams internal rotation is particularly difficult, veteran Su Weis performance is particularly good. I hope that young players can learn from the old players and learn their fighting spirit

Su Weis pace is slow and his ability is limited. But objectively speaking, he does not spare his physical strength, which is probably one of the reasons why Guangdong gives him the top salary.

This season, Beijing, Liaoning have been for the interior line reinforcement, only Guangdong team not into the back.. In addition to Su Wei and the newly upgraded young center Zhang Hao, there is no other real 5 position candidates. If Guangdong team wants to go far enough in this season, even defend the crown successfully, top salary Su Wei must show top salary performance.