15 people died after influenza vaccination in South Korea

 15 people died after influenza vaccination in South Korea

Increasing deaths and a sharp drop in the number of people vaccinated against influenza in South Korea (Yonhap)

Yesterday (21), South Korea disease management agency director Zheng Yinjing held an emergency press conference to respond to the matter. She said it was not clear whether there was a direct causal relationship between death cases and vaccination. Considering the low proportion of severe adverse reactions caused by specific vaccines, it was too early to stop vaccination.

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Zheng Yinjing also said that the vaccine batches and areas where the dead were vaccinated were different. If the dead were vaccinated with a specific batch of products produced by a certain company, it could be judged that it was a vaccine problem. However, according to the death cases reported so far, there is no common ground between them. She revealed that there were two deaths, and the possibility of anaphylactic shock could not be ruled out. Further investigation will be conducted on other cases to confirm the causal relationship with vaccination. (Liu Qiang)

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