The US Senate failed to pass the $500 billion bail-out plan, and the two parties game continues!

 The US Senate failed to pass the $500 billion bail-out plan, and the two parties game continues!

Republican McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said before the Senate vote on the 21st, we are very clear that the bill in front of us is neither the Republican nor the democratic ideal Bill. But it will allow us to transcend Speaker Pelosis all or nothing opinion and bring the most urgent help to our country.

A day earlier, there were positive signs of negotiations between the two parties on a new round of economic rescue. Pelosi, speaker of the US Democratic Party, relaxed on the deadline for the rescue bill, saying that the deadline originally set on the 20th would be extended. And Senate Republican leader McConnell also said he would like to let the Senate vote on the bill supported by the house of Representatives.

Pelosi previously said that the 20th is the deadline for reaching an agreement on the bail-out bill before the general election. However, she relaxed on the 20th that this is not a dead time limit, but that both sides should put forward specific provisions and continue to talk.

Alyssa Farah, the White House communications director, also said later on the 21st that she was cautiously optimistic about reaching an agreement.

According to the previous report, since the outbreak of the new epidemic, the U.S. Congress has passed four rounds of economic stimulus programs, allocating nearly $3 trillion. However, a number of assistance, including unemployment insurance, expired in early August.

US media quoted analysis as saying that if the two parties fail to reach an agreement on a new round of economic stimulus plan in the near future, it may lead to another economic downturn in the fourth quarter of the United States.

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