Hu Xijin: the Taiwan authorities twice denied the news of us planes flying over Taiwan because they were really afraid

 Hu Xijin: the Taiwan authorities twice denied the news of us planes flying over Taiwan because they were really afraid

Whether the news is true or false, the most important thing is that the US aircraft flying over Taiwan Island means a violation of Chinas airspace, which is firm for the mainland. If Taiwan really dares to indulge itself in this way, it must be a major response from the mainland.

Lao Hu believes that the mainland has made a series of plans to punish the Taiwan authorities, including PLA fighters flying over the island. If even U.S. military aircraft can appear in the sky over Taiwan at will, it will be more logical for PLA fighters to drive American planes over Taiwan and safeguard national sovereignty.

We also invite netizens from the mainland to bear in mind how our government and army will contain Taiwan independence step by step, force the DPP authorities to converge and open up a new situation of cross-strait reunification. Now it is not the same as before. The mainland has made solid preparations for anti independence and has entered the actual combat level. The DPP authorities space for seeking independence has been greatly compressed. They know that they have now reached the edge of the cliff.

Previously reported: the US reconnaissance plane was exposed to fly over the northern part of Taiwan. US media: it has been confirmed by the US military, which is extremely unusual!

[global network reporter Xu Luming] on October 21, an aircraft tracking platform revealed that the US reconnaissance plane flew over Northern Taiwan. In response to this news, the US media said that it had been confirmed by the US air force that an rc-135w joint rivet reconnaissance plane had indeed flown over Northern Taiwan, which was extremely unusual.

According to the theater column on the U.S. thedrive website on October 22, the US Air Force confirmed that an rc-135w joint rivet reconnaissance plane carried out a extremely unusual flight over Northern Taiwan earlier this week, which was part of its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission.

US Air Force rc-135w electronic reconnaissance aircraft

What I can confirm is that an rc-135w reconnaissance plane did fly over Northern Taiwan yesterday (October 20) as part of its regular mission, a public affairs official of the US Pacific Air Force said in a statement on October 21, according to the report For operational security reasons, I cant provide more details about this mission.

Earlier in the day, some aircraft tracking platforms first noticed the activities of the rc-135w reconnaissance plane. Although the tracking data are limited, it shows that the plane once flew directly over Taipei. The aircraft tracking platform also showed that the code of the rc-135w reconnaissance aircraft was 62-4134. On October 19, the reconnaissance plane was also found to cross the bus channel with the US Navys ep-3e electronic reconnaissance plane.

South China Sea strategic situation awareness program platform released the trajectory map of suspected US ep-3e reconnaissance plane flying over Taiwan on August 14

Before the US military officials admitted that the US reconnaissance plane flew over the northern part of Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities denied the news, saying that this is false information, not true.

Taiwans Pro Green media reported on October 21, citing the news of twitter golf9, which tracks the navigation dynamics, said that the US military rc-135w reconnaissance plane was suspected of flying over Taipei in the morning of the same day, and the aviation observation account Tokyo radar also released the same information, saying that the rc-135w was found over Taiwan. The account will continue to track the news and confirm whether the message is correct. In this regard, the freedom times also asked true or false?

Flight path of suspected US rc-135w reconnaissance plane over Northern Taiwan released by aircraft tracking platform

At noon, Taiwans Air Force Command issued a press release to refute the news, saying, this is false information, not fact. At the same time, the press release stressed that the Taiwan air force can closely grasp and properly respond to the situation of the sea and airspace around the Taiwan Strait by means of joint intelligence and reconnaissance.

Song Zhongping, a mainland military expert, once said on the incident on the 21st: if the US military plane really flies over Taiwans airspace, it will be a provocation to both sides of the Strait and lead to further deterioration of cross-strait relations. Therefore, the Taiwan army should give the people on the island a reassurance. On the one hand, it should show that the United States, as an ally, has not made provocative acts, and on the other hand, it should also show that the air defense system and early warning system of the Taiwan army have good monitoring capability.

Song Zhongping believes that Taiwan is very close to mainland China. If the US military planes fly over Taiwan, the Chinese mainland will know the details, and Taiwan authorities do not need to make explanations. If US aircraft, whether military or civil, fly over Taiwans airspace without notification, it will be a violation of Chinas airspace, and the mainland will certainly issue a strong warning and implement certain countermeasures.

As for the flight behavior of US military aircraft in Taiwan airspace, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying once said that the US sides move seriously violates international law and the basic norms of international relations. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns this. China urges the US side to abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques and immediately stop such illegal and provocative acts. China will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.