France holds state funeral for decapitated teacher

 France holds state funeral for decapitated teacher

French President Marcelo recalled the life of Samuel patty in his speech, saying that Samuel Patty likes teaching, is full of passion, has rich knowledge and is worthy of respect, is one of the teachers we will never forget, according to the Figaro newspaper. He called on young people to use the critical spirit they have learned to fight for freedom and ideals, to end hatred and violence, and to renew their determination to combat terrorist and religious extremism.

On the afternoon of the 21st, French national anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean Francois Ricard held a press conference to introduce the latest progress of the case. Seven people, including two minors, have been handed over for judicial investigation as of the 21st, and the relevant files will be submitted to the anti-terrorism judge. The other nine detainees were released on the evening of the 20th without being charged.

According to Agence France Presse, after killing Samuel Patti, Abrah anzorov released an audio frequency in Russian, accusing the professor of historical geography of insulting the prophet and explaining revenge for the prophet. Prosecutors believe that the attack on Samuel Patty posted online by activist Abdel Hakim sevarioi and a parent of a student is directly related to the bloodshed, and investigators are determining to what extent this triggered the murderers action. French government spokesman Gabriel artar announced that at the ministerial meeting held on the morning of 21, it was decided to disband the group of Cheikh yassine, a pro Palestinian organization founded by abdelhakim sevrioyi.

Preliminary investigations show that there are many undiscovered signs of radicalism, including links with jihadist elements in Syria. (overseas network - Paris - Luga)

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