How will it affect Trumps new campaign?

 How will it affect Trumps new campaign?

In the early morning of October 2 local time, trump tweeted that he and Melania were both confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. In the afternoon, trump went to the hospital for treatment, while Melania remained in the White House for isolation treatment. On October 14, Melania announced that her new crown test results had turned negative.

How does this affect Trumps campaign?

Melania will no longer participate in any campaign

After the new crown test turned negative on October 14, Melania still had cough symptoms, CNN reported. In the end, Melanias spokesperson, Grisham, announced that she had canceled her schedule to attend Trumps campaign rally on the evening of October 20.

Grisham said earlier on October 20 that Melania would not attend a campaign rally in Pennsylvania because she had been coughing. Grisham also stressed that in the past few months, the travel restrictions imposed due to the outbreak and Melanias own diagnosis of new coronavirus infection have affected Melanias itinerary and her work plan has been completely disrupted..

According to people familiar with the matter, Melania will not participate in any activities related to the campaign rally in the foreseeable future. The first lady has not made any arrangements for the rally, in other words, we have not provided her with the choice of appearing at the rally or other occasions for the campaign..

Melania trump has canceled plans to attend a campaign rally on the grounds that she has not recovered. /Screenshot of CNN report

People familiar with the matter also said that Melanias health problems were real and that she had been coughing. Its not time for Melania to be fully exposed to the spotlight..

According to CNN, Melanias latest public appearance was during Trumps first TV debate with Democratic presidential candidate Biden on September 29. Two days later, she and trump tested positive for her new crown. If Melania attended the election campaign on October 20 as planned, it would be her first public appearance since her recovery.

Melania says, the symptoms hit me like a roller coaster.

On October 14, local time, Melania published an article on the White House website about her experience with the new coronavirus. Melania wrote, I feel very lucky because at the beginning of the diagnosis, I had only mild symptoms, but they hit me like a roller coaster. I feel sore, cough and headache, and in most cases, I feel very tired.

Later, Melania announced that her new crown test results have turned negative, at present, my new crown test results are negative, I am very happy to be able to resume work as soon as possible..

According to CNN, Melania did not receive the relevant drug treatment, but chose to be isolated and recovered in the White House. According to White House officials, Melania has been in the White House since she was diagnosed with the new coronavirus and never left.

How did Melania recover?

According to the White House website, Melania fought the virus through natural therapy. she wrote in her statement, I took a lot of vitamins, ate some healthy food, and finally recovered in a more natural way. After that, my body recovered from the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Melanias account. /Screenshot of the White House website

Melania also called on Americans to improve their health by eating a balanced diet, fresh air and taking vitamins. I hope everyone can live a healthy life..

Unlike Melania, trump went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment on the afternoon of the announcement that he was infected with the new coronavirus. There, trump took new coronavirus antibody drugs from regenerant and other drugs. On the night of October 2, White House doctor Sean Conley said trump was receiving antibody cocktail therapy..

After a variety of drug treatments, trump was discharged from hospital and returned to the White House on the evening of October 5, local time. According to trump medical team, he did not recover at the time of discharge.

Five days after he left hospital, trump resumed his campaign. At 14:00 local time on October 10, trump delivered a speech with the theme of law and order on the south balcony of the White House, which was also the first public event presided over by trump after he was diagnosed with new coronavirus infection. Since then, trump also traveled to Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina to hold campaign rallies.

Melanias absence from the campaign could affect Trumps vote

According to CNN, Melania has always been less prominent in Trumps campaign. When Trumps children canvass for her father all over the United States, Melania always avoids showing up and is considered the first lady who dislikes public appearance in decades.

However, Melania still has a certain appeal for trump fans. Trump fans like Melania very much, and theyre willing to respond positively, says Katherine Jellison, a history professor at Ohio University and an expert on the first lady of the United States. Melania is most likely to persuade voters who have already taken a favorable view of trump and help him stabilize his election.

Melania trump used to be a reluctant candidate, but now shes running. /Screenshot of CNN report

Kate Anderson Brauer, author of first woman: the charm and power of the modern first lady in America, believes that one of Trumps appeal to voters in the 2016 presidential election is his lifestyle. Trump has a private jet, a luxury apartment and a model wife, all of which will make voters think that we can have such a life as well..

However, according to CNN statistics, during the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, Melania visited almost all the states where trump had campaigned, sometimes with trump, sometimes alone. According to sources familiar with the campaign, Melania is Trumps other card in the 2020 election.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Now, less than 15 days before the 2020 presidential election, Melanias failure to go to Pennsylvania, the key swing state, may have a certain impact on Trumps campaign. According to the original plan, Trump and Biden will hold the third presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee from 21:00 to 22:30 local time on October 22. At present, the early voting channel for the 2020 presidential election has been opened. According to the statistics of the U.S. elections project, as of 0:00 on October 21, local time, more than 37.9 million voters voted in advance by mail or in person. Beijing News reporter Qian yazhuo, editor Bai Shuang proofread Zhao Lin_ NBJ11143

Now, less than 15 days before the 2020 presidential election, Melanias failure to go to Pennsylvania, the key swing state, may have a certain impact on Trumps campaign. According to the original plan, Trump and Biden will hold the third presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee from 21:00 to 22:30 local time on October 22.

Qian yazhuo, reporter of Beijing News