Trump and Bidens latest crown test results were negative

 Trump and Bidens latest crown test results were negative

Oct. 23 (Oct. 23) according to the Washington Post, Trump and Biden were tested for new coronavirus on the eve of the last debate with Democratic candidate Biden, and the test results were negative.

White House chief of staff mark meadows told reporters in Nashville on Thursday (22nd) afternoon that trump carried out a new coronavirus test on air force one and the results were negative. Meanwhile, an official of Bidens campaign team announced on the 22nd that Bidens new coronavirus test was negative.

White House doctor Sean Conley has previously told the media that trump has been negative for several days. Since returning to the White House, trump has been in stable condition with no sign of further development. He can participate in public events from October 10. Trump said on social media on October 1 that he and his wife Melania tested positive for the new coronavirus. (overseas website Zhang Ni)

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