The workers are so cute, why do they have to work?

 The workers are so cute, why do they have to work?

300 million people watched. Does that mean that a quarter to a fifth of the people in China are watching their live broadcast? Obviously not. In fact, the sales of more than 7 billion yuan are not so exaggerated. October 20 is just a deposit day. This is more than 7 billion yuan, which is the total amount of two live broadcasting rooms plus deposit and balance.

Thats scary enough. Only 27 brands participated in the first double 11 in 2009, and the total sales volume was only 50 million yuan.

Then someone asked: how much money can Li Jiaqi and Weiya earn? If you are not a big brand but a small brand, the Commission will even reach 40%. In other words, Li Jiaqis team made 600 million yuan that night, while Weiya earned 700 million yuan, which is still calculated according to the ordinary Commission.

If you really want a fine product. Sorry, my second brother is just an ordinary worker.

No way, China is still poor!!!!

Good afternoon, depositor.

Good night, balance payer.

Maybe I heard the cry of social animals: Good morning, migrant workers!

All of a sudden, overnight, no matter what executive you are, Manon, product manager, white-collar Beauty, or Lisa at the front desk

Today, we are all workers.

Why suddenly, everyone fell in love with the workers? In fact, a little bit of a product of migrant workers, you will find that this is a very accurate description. No matter what kind of work I am engaged in, as long as I do not master the means of production, the shares of the company have nothing to do with me. I only sell my time for labor remuneration.

Its for short.

Why on earth has migrant workers caused such a huge resonance? Why is it possible to create such a huge communication ripple on social networks?

I dont know if you have found out that most of the friends in the circle of good morning workers are not real wage earners. So, this is a joke, not a scar.

Have you ever seen a desperate migrant worker willing to talk about himself as a migrant worker? Thats too harsh.

The right to speak on the Internet has always been in the hands of elitism. In my opinion, this is just a joke about self dwarfing by elite groups who have mastered the right to speak on the Internet.

It is not only the bitterness of others, but also the bitterness of ourselves.

Even, in order to humiliate them, he invented the word struggle force. Is there anything more ugly and vicious than this word?

People who struggle deserve respect, but struggle force is not. Why is it called struggle force? This is because we all perform their respective duties, and it is not that they have not worked hard. However, there are a small group of people who work overtime for the sake of leaders and capitalists appreciation, and work for work. It is obvious that they are struggling, but they are actually pretending to be forced.

As a result, everyone was dragged into the water, overdrawn their time and life and contributed to the capitalists. As a result, their overall salary did not increase. Therefore, the more salty fish, the more keen on Yin Yang Qi.

Why do you try? Isnt it good to be salted fish together?

Successful people, words can not hurt them, so can only go to stab those who are still holding hope, struggling to get out of the people. They are keen to pull everyone down, to be salted fish together and to make a living together. This is what makes them feel most secure.

In fact, we are not mocking those who have a goal to work hard, but those who have read some chicken soup articles, havent made their own life plan, and have not figured out what to pursue in the end, and blindly work hard in the current work.

This kind of person is the product of bosss brainwashing. Their purpose is to create value for the boss. So we ridicule them, satirize them, and say that they are forced by struggle, because if there are more people like this, bad money will drive out good money, and people who have real goals in life will only be eliminated by such efforts.

I dont know when I began to work hard and became a special sarcasm.

Whats the use of hard work? How much better than me?

Efforts seem to have become a sin.

What do you say if you try hard, if you work hard, can you make it better?

Brother, this sentence is for you to masturbate. Human beings have been TM for thousands of years. We all know this truth. Do you think the people around you have made great efforts?

Knowing and doing are two different things. If you can, being lazy is engraved in the gene, so there is nothing wrong with the first half of the sentence and if everyone works hard in the second half, dont make trouble .

Its bullshit to get rich by hard work. Isnt it just the second generation of rich people? I havent seen a few of them, but there are many people who live a good life by hard work. Because hard work is the basic means to make a comeback.

Try hard, maybe not, but you cant if you dont.

Every generation of workers like to laugh at themselves. Which generation of young people is not confused? Which generation of young people is not consumable?

Many people dont hate unfairness. They just feel that what you get for nothing is not yourself? Its not that I hate the rich second generation, I just hate why Im not the rich second generation?

Why is it not the self that dominates?

What era of fairness? In which era there was no second rich generation? In which era did there not have a high official? So what? Is it because these days are not enough?

Is the broken jar broken?

The distant cry is the silent majority, although all living beings are suffering, they are the majority who have no chance. You can laugh at yourself, but dont take it seriously.

There are no best times and worst times. The world has its own logic.

Nowadays, dog house is a kind of victory. So, lets go on with Orly.

Good night, worker.