US media revealed 10 signs that trump will surprise victory: Biden has no logic to win

 US media revealed 10 signs that trump will surprise victory: Biden has no logic to win

Cui zirou / comprehensive report

U.S. President trump and Democratic candidate Biden are running for the next president. With the election day on November 3 approaching, the US media published an article yesterday (21) pointing out signs that 10 trump will win a surprise victory.

According to the content published in Fox News, famous writer and political commentator Tom beccaro analyzed that the last 20 electoral college votes in Pennsylvania were the key to trumps victory. This time, the number of local Democratic voters registered was 200000 less, and it was even more illogical to win. This is the first sign, and the second sign is that Florida is also similar Like the situation.

At present, polls show that Trumps Hispanic voters support Biden by 4 percentage points, becoming the third sign.

The fourth sign is that African Americans in the United States also support trump. According to a survey in September, African Americans support trump as high as 45%. Compared with the last time trump only got 8% of the votes of African Americans, this year only 16% is almost equal to the support of African Americans in all safe states.

Candidates who promise to increase taxes in the general election are more likely to fail than those who promise to cut taxes, which is the fifth sign of Trumps victory. For example, at the beginning, Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan, Walter Mondale to Regan, Michael Dukakis to George hwbush41, and old Bush lost after he wanted to raise taxes Re election opportunities.

The U.S. presidential election is in the penultimate. (photo / Dazhi images / Associated Press)

A recent poll shows the sixth sign: only 46% of Democratic supporters firmly support Biden, while as high as 66% of Republican supporters firmly vote for trump, a gap of 20%.

The seventh sign is a national opinion poll analysis from the Pew Research Center that 55% of the voters who intend to vote in person before the election day support Biden and only 40% support trump. However, in Michigan, the two parties are in the same race, the registration of the Democratic Party in Ohio is 2% behind, and that in Wisconsin is 2% win The region shows that many Democratic voters did not vote for Biden.

According to the poll, 56% of Americans feel their lives are better than they were four years ago, when Biden stepped down as vice president and there was no reason to turn back to Biden as the eighth sign.

The ninth sign is that in 2016, pollsters found that 32% of voters claimed to be democratic and 27% supported Republicans, but trump still won the election. The September poll showed that 28% of the Republican Party and 27% of the Democratic Party supported it.

The tenth sign is real support for the candidates. Some experts believe that the answer of voters to the who will win the election is the real support. Gallup poll shows that 40% of the voters think Biden will win and 56% think trump will win.

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