Summary: the last debate of the US election is deeply divided, trump said he would vote ahead of time in person

 Summary: the last debate of the US election is deeply divided, trump said he would vote ahead of time in person

The TV debate lasted about 90 minutes. When one side made a statement, the microphone of the other side was turned off. Basically, there was no confusion that the speech of the first debate was constantly interrupted. However, the personal attacks on each other were often sparks in all directions.

On the issue of race relations, trump declared that he was the least racist person on the scene of the debate, that no one has done more for the (American) black community than himself except President Lincoln, and criticized Bidens legislative record on African American crime during his tenure as a U Ethnic minorities provide more opportunities for employment, education and health care.

On the issue of health insurance, trump said he wanted to terminate the affordable health care bill (Obamacare) passed during the Obama administration and replace it with a new and beautiful health care plan, but he has not talked about the specific content of the plan. Biden said that if the Federal Supreme Court, which has a majority of conservative justices, makes an adverse impact on Obamacare He will develop it into a Biden health care reform that retains private insurance while providing citizens with public health care options that they can afford.

The climate change agreement in Paris will make millions of jobs for the U.S. to create jobs for the U.S. on the issue of global warming, he said that it would be a moral responsibility for the United States to create millions of jobs for global warming.

Trump and Biden also expounded their positions on issues related to national security, denounced each others corruption and denied corruption charges against themselves. When the host finally asked what he would say in his inaugural speech to those who did not support him, trump said he would cut taxes to lead the United States to success; Biden said that he would become the president representing all Americans, develop the economy and deal with systemic racism.

More than 48.6 million U.S. voters had voted early as of the night of the debate, according to tracking statistics from the U.S. election plan, a record number, accounting for 35.3% of the total number of voters in the 2016 general election. Due to the approaching polling day, early voting and low proportion of swing voters, analysts here believe that the impact of the debate on the election results is very limited.

After attending the last debate, trump announced his itinerary for the next few days: he planned to go to Florida on the 23rd to participate in the campaign rally, and on the 24th, he would vote in the state in person, and then go to the northern region to continue to participate in the campaign rally. (end)

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