Look ahead - Sunings lack of trump card becomes a big problem

 Look ahead - Sunings lack of trump card becomes a big problem

The two teams have met 15 times. Suning e-buy and its predecessor won 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, scored 25 goals and lost 21 goals. The two teams have met each other for the last four times, and Suning has remained unbeaten. During the two dialogues last season, Suning e-buy killed both opponents. The last match was three days ago, when both sides drew 1-1, with tehera and kardek scoring one goal each.

Jiangsu Suning: special god absent = out?

The absence of teschera is a great loss to Suning. In the five seasons after joining Suning, teschera missed a total of 15 CSL matches, while Suning only won 5 victories in these 15 matches and lost the teams historical shooter Wang with 57 goals in 119 CSL matches. Suning can only rely on the high-speed combination of Santini and Gadel in the attack end, and the two foreign forwards have only joined hands for four times before However, Suning won only 1 victory in 4 battles.

All kinds of signs indicate that this game may be cold, become the only competition in the championship group. Suning coach olaroyou also fully aware of this point, the pre match press conference, the coach said: from the past experience, this game will not be easy. Hopefully we can learn from the first round and not repeat the mistakes. We need to be more focused, more aggressive and use resilience to advance to the next round. Can Suning play the toughness that the head coach expected?

Chongqing contemporaries: light clothes for battle

In the first round of competition, Chongqing contemporaries, whose strength was a little weak, did not play conservatively. He also used the high point attack of captain kardek to knock on Suning goal and smoothly equalized the score. In this game, it seems that the contemporary era can continue to play light. If the front court Brazilian 4-man group can form a greater joint force, it is difficult for Suning defense line to stop them from scoring again. In particular, caldek, who has scored six goals in the last seven appearances, is expected to continue to be in a good state.

At the pre match press conference, Chongqing Contemporary coach Zhang wailong stressed that we should give priority to me: first of all, I believe that both teams are aware of each others strengths and weaknesses. We will stick to our game. I believe the players will do their best. The most important thing for us is to show our ability on the field The South Korean commander-in-chief and his opponent olaroyou in the platoon and on-the-spot adjustment of the confrontation, is also the key point of this battle.

Forecast the first time

Chongqing Contemporary is expected to start (4-2-3-1): Deng Xiaofei / Jiang Zhe, yuan mincheng, Yang Shuai (U23), Liu Le / Chen Jie, Huang Xiyang / silino, marcinho, Fernando / caldek

Jiangsu Suning e-buy is expected to launch (4-4-2): Gu Chao / abduhemiti (U23), Miranda, Li Ang, Zhou Yun / Luo Jing, Wu Xi, vacaso, Xie Pengfei / Santini, Eder