New air force No.1: the aesthetic and bargaining skills of the grand commander

 New air force No.1: the aesthetic and bargaining skills of the grand commander

New air force one is probably the most recognizable aircraft in the world. Two vc25as (747-200 modifications), which have been on Air Force One missions for decades, will be replaced. The U.S. Air Force insists on using the latest version of the sky queen 747-8 made by Boeing, the US aircraft manufacturer.

Although any aircraft carrying the president of the United States will be designated air force one, the two aircraft most often assigned to the call sign have tail numbers of 28000 and 29000, respectively. The two modified 747-200 aircraft have been carrying VIP personnel since 1990, and have transported five presidents and many senior officials in the past 30 years. The vc25a is not an ordinary 747. In addition to the luxurious meeting room and cabin, the plane also has the best airborne defense system in the world, as well as a large number of communication equipment and other modifications. As they approach the end of their service life, lets look at the aircraft that will replace them - two modified 747-8 or vc25b.

Vc25a internal

Trumps aesthetic

The trump Frestech may not be able to redeliver the Big Mac, but he is still keen to choose the aircrafts painting in advance. The new blue mark on the new aircraft is gone, instead of the red, white and blue colors of American patriotism in trump. After showing excellent negotiation skills on the issue of purchasing new air force one, trump showed his different art cells. Commander Chuan always complains that the current car is too Kennedy and too democratic. Although air force one was designed under the leadership of the Kennedy administration. But the painting scheme was actually designed by design legend Raymond Loewy, who is known for his world-renowned industrial ideas and logos, including the Coca Cola, ExxonMobil and US Post logos. No matter where the design comes from, trump will have to use his artistic talent. Last June, he was fascinated by the new color scheme.

It might be like this

Air force one will be incredible. Its going to be the best, the pinnacle of the world, and I think its appropriate to use red, blue and white, trump said As we all know, trump prefers strong colors, strong contrast and bright decoration style. His private plane is red, blue, white three color coating, once there was gold-plated trump words.

(the dog weaves an extra sentence, red, blue and white, tongershi hammer)

He even made a model airliner and kept it on a desk in the Oval Office for others to see.

Trump may really like to show his model to guests in the Oval Office

Trump price cuts

The original replacement agreement to build air force one was reached during the Obama administration. The air force chose Boeing in 2015 to make a heavily modified version of its 747-8, but in December 2016, before being officially inaugurated, Donald Trump was dissatisfied with the cost of the program. Despite Mr. Trumps threat to cancel the order, the cost sharing of the scheme is generally considered fair. Of this total, US $2.9 billion was dedicated to research, development, testing and evaluation, in addition to the procurement and conversion of two 747-8. Nevertheless, trump was determined to minimize the cost to demonstrate his excellent negotiation skills and businessman nature. After several meetings with then Boeing boss Dennis mullinberg, the two decided that the price of air force one would be reduced to $3.9 billion. In a statement at the time, Boeing said. Boeing is proud to build the next generation air force one, and President trump has made a good deal for the American people. The White House spokesman also said that the reason why the new plane can be finalized at such a preferential price is due to the bargaining of President trump.

However, once all the costs involved in the project are taken into account, including the purchase of new hangars for aircraft and so on, the total cost of the project will reach 5.3 billion US dollars, which does not include any over expenditure. Its really a billion dollars cut first and then two billion more.

The American people may need to face reality. It will never be cheap to build two state-of-the-art flying fortresses for the worlds most powerful people. For example, the new air force ones technical manual will be more than 100000 pages, costing 84 million dollars.

Faster, bigger and more environmentally friendly

The new air force one will be superior to the original in many ways. The current Air Force One has a history of more than 30 years. It is based on the fuselage of the 1970s - 747-200. Therefore, it is not surprising that the replaced vc-25b will adopt a lot of advanced technology. The new 747 is based on its most modern model, the Boeing 747-8. The aircraft adopts the basic architecture of 747-400, and is enhanced by Dreamliner technology, so that it has a larger range, higher fuel efficiency and the highest passenger comfort. As you can see, the 747-8 flies farther and faster than the 747-200. The 747-8 will be able to travel continuously on a global scale due to its VIP settings, which will further reduce the number of passengers and luggage on board. Whats more, the impact of the airliner on the environment will be smaller under the same mileage. According to Boeing, the 747-8 emits 16 tons less CO2 per trip than the 747-200. In addition, it has been reported that vc25b will no longer have aerial refueling capability. The current vc25a has a fuel port on the nose, and the presidents plane can stay idle for as long as possible if necessary. For some reason, the air refueling function is not included in the modification list of vc25b, perhaps because although vc25a has aerial refueling capability, it has never been used.

Unexpected delivery time

Boeing hopes to complete the project by 2024. But trump hopes to advance the delivery of the special plane to 2021. The airframe itself has been purchased and is being converted at Boeings Texas modification facility. To save some money, Boeing also sold to the air force two aircraft made for Russian Transaero airlines. The airline filed for bankruptcy protection before the plane was delivered and is waiting in California for a new owner. Although the details of the 747-8 are highly confidential, we do know that it will include:

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Even if President trump does win re-election, the plane will not be delivered until the end of his presidency. If the project schedule is not advanced, trump may not be able to ride in his new car. Reference: [1] thenew AI rForceOne:WhatWeKnowSoFar [EB/OL]. [2]AirForceOne[EB/OL]. Source: Netease aviation editor: Cui Yuwei_ NBJS11349

Even if President trump does win re-election, the plane will not be delivered until the end of his presidency. If the project schedule is not advanced, trump may not be able to ride in his new car.


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