Qufu Normal Universitys mathematics ranking is the first in China? Whats going on?

 Qufu Normal Universitys mathematics ranking is the first in China? Whats going on?

This ranking situation caused public outcry, but also a big difference with the domestic discipline evaluation results. Referring to the fourth round of national discipline assessment, three domestic universities were rated as a +, namely, Peking University, Fudan University and Shandong University. The second echelon, that is, the universities with mathematics as a are Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China University of science and technology and Xian Jiaotong University.

In the fourth round of discipline evaluation results of Qufu Normal University mentioned above, the evaluation result of mathematics discipline is B, which means that the sub percentile of overall level score of mathematics is between 30% and 40%. Surging newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09The reporter observed that there are 54 universities above B -.

In the fourth round of national discipline assessment completed by 2017, the top 70% of disciplines are published in nine grades, the top 2% (or top 2) are a +, 2% - 5% are a (excluding 2%, the same below), and so on, 60% - 70% are C -.

U. S. newss university rankings and professional rankings are one of the world-famous rankings related to higher education, which are in line with the times world university rankings of higher education, QS World University rankings and academic rankings of World Universities of soft science.

In the U.S. News World University ranking index system, reputation index accounts for 25%, literature and scientific research account for 75%. The largest proportion of literature and scientific research indicators are subdivided: the number of papers published (10%), books published (2.5%), conference papers (2.5%), citation influence (10%), the total number of papers cited (7.5%), the number of papers cited in the top 10% (12.5%), the proportion of the top 10% of the cited papers (10%), international cooperation (10%), the first 1% of the cited papers (5%) and the top 1% of the cited papers (5%) u3002

U. Index system of s.news ranking

For the evaluation system of U.S. News, some netizens questioned that there was room for irrigation and brushing the list. The weight of a top publication is the same as that of an article, and the weight of a citation is the same. The basic operation of brush ranking is self introduction and irrigation

In view of this view, Professor Fan Pengji, director of Education Research Center of Modern Universityuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09The reporter said that in U.S. News and other ranking lists, technically, it is completely feasible to brush the list and irrigate.. She pointed out that in theory, the indicators of education and scientific research should be a combination of quantity and quality, but now the index measurement of the ranking list only calculates quantity. In the premise of not paying attention to the quality of academic papers, only pursuing quantity is to guide the brush list and irrigation.

Fan Xiudi pointed out that self citation of papers and mutual citation of acquaintances are quite serious in academic circles. The ranking can not fully reflect the quality and level of running a university. The reputation of mathematics department in China has been accumulated for many years, and the level of peers is very clear. Therefore, professional evaluation must be peer evaluation in order to be objective, fair and just.

There is no denying that both Qunu and Shandong University of science and technology are working hard to improve the discipline of the University. At present, there is still a market for the ranking list in China. At the same time, the management departments objectively refer to these contents to evaluate and invest in schools. Therefore, qunormal University and Shandong University of science and technology regard the index of the rankings as their goal. However, in the current major rankings, the indicators that Chinese people can effectively pursue may be papers and their citation rate. Therefore, teachers of Qushi University and Shandong University of science and technology should put their absolute main energy on it.

Another 985 university computer department professor also told the surging journalists that no matter which academic ranking list there will be certain problems, it is difficult to evaluate the level of discipline only using quantitative standards. Just look at U.S. Newss math rankings. We all have an evaluation of what it is like, especially the top scientists in the field, who have a certain degree of judgment.

He thinks that the basic principle of ranking is not to use the ranking of all talents. Although it is suggested that we should not attach too much importance to the rankings, after all, there are many people who look at the rankings. Because of the guidance of the whole society, some students and parents do not necessarily know themselves, or there are channels to help them see the rankings comprehensively. This is really a difficult problem to solve.

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