Mate40 series pre-sale: tmall official flag influx of 5 million people, Jingdong is out of stock

 Mate40 series pre-sale: tmall official flag influx of 5 million people, Jingdong is out of stock

According to the data of tmall, seven days before the conference, Huawei mate 40 and other keywords had been searched in Taobao tmall. After the conference, many fans also asked the anchor of Huaweis Taobao live studio, hoping to get a new mobile phone as soon as possible. Although we cant get the mobile phone yet, many netizens have bought accessories and wait for Huawei mate 40 series new products to arrive. From the end of the press conference to the pre-sale at 0:00 on October 23, tmalls mate40 mobile phone case, protective film, wireless charger suitable for 50W fast charging and other accessories on tmall also showed an obvious increase in user purchase.

After the opening of pre-sale, although the domestic press conference has not yet been held and the price of BOC has not been announced, many users still choose to pay 100 yuan to book mate40 series new products. At present, on the official and authorized platforms, Huawei mate40pro +, Huawei mate40pro + and Huawei mate40rs Porsche versions all models, versions and colors can be purchased by order.

Huawei mate40 price: 899 euro, mate 40pro 1199 euro (source: pear video)

Last nights new product launch also announced the overseas price of the mate 40 series. Among them, the price of mate 408 + 128G is 899 euro, about 7100 yuan. The price of mate40pro8 + 256g is 1199 euro, about 9500 yuan; Huawei mate 40pro + 12 + 256g is 1399 euro, about 11000 yuan; Huawei mate 40rs is 2295 euro, about 18100 yuan.

It is understood that the domestic release of mate40 series has been finalized, and the price of BOC version will be announced on the 30th of this month. For price sensitive users, they can pay attention to the specific price of domestic sales.

Shell finance reporter of Beijing News promises Editor Li Weijia proofread Li Xiangling

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Yu Chengdong said Huawei is in a very difficult time: keeping its promise and innovating continuously (source: pear video)

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