The worst killing pig dish in history? 80percent drop in 1 minute

 The worst killing pig dish in history? 80percent drop in 1 minute

It is worth noting that Zongheng you holdings is a well-known pig killing pan. Before that, the police successfully cracked a pig killing pan involving more than 200 million yuan, including the case of Zongheng you holding.

The Hong Kong stock market fell by 85%. Today, the Hong Kong stock Hang Hang you Holdings (08069) suffered from a disastrous opening. After one minutes opening, the Hong Kong stock market plummeted by more than 80%. It fell 85% in six minutes. As of the end of the day, it closed down 84.56%. The share price dropped to HK $0.4 from HK $2.2, falling below all the moving average, ranking the first in the decline list.

The latest information shows that the market value of the company has evaporated by more than HK $800 million, leaving HK $160 million. The turnover rate is 25.66% and the trading volume is HK $103 million.

More than two months before the stock price soared three times

According to the data, crisscross travel holdings was established in 1979 and is one of the travel agents with a long history in Hong Kong. The company is engaged in the sales of tour groups, air tickets and hotel accommodation (independent free passenger products) and supporting products in Hong Kong under the brand of crisscross and provides related services. The company is an authorized travel agency, focusing on providing outbound travel to Japan.

It is worth noting that before the crash, the companys share price has been surging for two months. From July to September, the share price of the company soared from HK $1.3 to HK $4.1, tripled.

High concentration of equity

Actual controllers position almost pledged to securities companies

The typical feature of the flash collapse of Hong Kong shares is that the companys equity is highly concentrated, and the vertical and horizontal travel holding company is no exception. According to the data, by the middle of 2020, the majority shareholders held 75% of the shares.

In addition, information shows that Yuan Shiqiang, chairman of the board of directors of the company, controls 75% of the companys equity, and Huangan securities, the companys largest broker, has a position of 77.34%. Therefore, the companys actual controllers position rate is pledged to Huangan securities.

From the performance point of view, the company lost money year after year. It has not been profitable since 2016.

In addition, the company announced on September 9 that vpon Inc. (vpon) received a total of about $40 million in its round C financing. Vpon is a leading big data company in Asia. Its investors include CoolJapan fund Inc. (CJF), a private equity fund backed by the Japanese government, stic investments Inc., which is headquartered in South Korea and has a long history, and beenos Inc., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and focuses on e-commerce and incubation business ABS) owns about 1% of its equity.

Vpon aims not only to expand its data business in the Asia Pacific region, but also to expand its R & D scale so as to position Taiwan as its global data hub in the near future. In addition, CJFs participation in round C financing is expected to enhance vpons brand and reputation in the Japanese market and open up new opportunities for potential government / or private sector customers in the country.

Famous pig killing plate

2.9 million shareholders lost money

On June 28, 2020, Baiyun Public Security Bureau received a report from the police officer Xian. In the middle of May 2020, his friend Zhou invited him to join a wechat stock group (Group nickname: unity of knowledge and practice 1 * * 2). There was a teacher in the group who explained financial knowledge. After that, the teacher asked everyone to purchase a shares. About half a month later, the teacher led everyone to operate Hong Kong stock.

On May 31, 2020, the teacher recommended the customer service QQ (32 * * * 55) of Kohl securities company, and then claimed that the customer service of Cole securities company sent the app installation package and computer website of Cole securities to you: www.j ***le-f***** , He started to open an account and put money into it one after another. At the last time, the teacher asked everyone to buy the 0 * * 9 (Hong Kong stock) stock of Zongheng you holdings. Xian transferred money to 18 bank card numbers provided by the other party through three mobile phone online banking. The total amount of transfer was more than 2.9 million yuan.

On June 22, when the stock opened, it found that the stock of 0 * * 9 (Hong Kong stock) purchased by Zongheng you Holdings Co., Ltd. plummeted, and all the money in his account was lost. On June 24, he found that the stock platform could not be accessed, and it was found that he was cheated and called the police.

After receiving the alarm, the network related crime detection and prevention center of the sub Bureau transferred more than 20 capable police forces from the overall level to set up a special group to tackle the tough cases. During the investigation, a complete chain of killing pigs was found in the telecom fraud crime chain. Its members were distributed in Changsha, Yueyang, Shenzhen, Yinchuan and other places, ranging from electronic platforms, telephone operators to script scripts for Telecom fraud And the whole process of money laundering, with clear division of labor and numerous personnel.

After more than one months investigation work, the suspects in Zhengzhou, Changsha, Yueyang, Xian, Shenzhen and other places were finally determined.

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