Why is skimmed milk, once used as pig feed, more expensive than whole milk?

 Why is skimmed milk, once used as pig feed, more expensive than whole milk?

Even milk, there is a disdain chain of whole milk, low-fat milk and skim milk.

The woman ordered an ice latte to change to skim milk / white moonlight

Compared with traditional milk, skim milk is healthy and nutritious and good to drink but not fat. Many people who want to lose weight would rather pay a high price to buy skimmed milk.

As the most sought after baby in the milk family, skim milk looks very healthy.

But do you really lose weight?

01 fat content affects milk value

In China, the fat content of whole milk is more than 3.1%, the fat content of low-fat milk is 1% - 1.5%, and the fat content of skimmed milk is not more than 0.5%.

When milk is divided into 369, milk source, taste, nutritional components, processing technology and other conditions become the assessment criteria.

In the milk market, skimmed milk is generally more expensive than whole milk. Take Yili brand as an example, 250ml pure milk is 3 yuan / box, skimmed pure milk is 3.5 yuan / box.

Yili full fat Granny and skim milk / Taobao Yili flagship store

Since skim milk has a higher price, the processing technology will be more complex?

The opposite is true.

The first step of raw milk processing is degreasing, and fat molecules in milk are separated by high-speed rotation of equipment.

Simple understanding is to turn whole milk and low-fat milk into skim milk first.

After degreasing, the milk without fat will be added back to the fat according to the unified standard;

Milk added with fat again needs to be homogenized, that is to crush fat particles with high pressure, so that the crushed fat particles are evenly distributed in the liquid.

At this time, the whole milk and skim milk will not appear static stratification phenomenon, can continue to enter the packaging link.

In terms of processing steps, skimmed milk only needs to be defatted in one step, while whole milk needs to be processed three times.

And in the liposuction surgery, skim milk is often tasteless.

In the early days, it was also used as feed for pig fattening.

However, when the concepts of punk health and exquisite health have penetrated into peoples lives, dealers have labeled skimmed milk with the label of zero fat, not fat to drink, and named people with fitness, obesity and three high as their necessities.

Skim milk advertisement / Taobao

Marketing agencies also link skimmed milk with healthy life everywhere; some fitness big V even take the lead in Amway, saying that non skimmed milk is not to be drunk

In this way, the value of skim milk gradually rose.

02 skim milk is not good for weight loss

Dont want to get fat!

But even if a glass of skim milk a day, why are you still fat?

A study by Edith Cowan University in Australia found that eating whole fat dairy products was not significantly associated with weight gain, high cholesterol or high blood pressure in children.

Some American researchers also found that drinking whole milk can reduce childrens obesity.

And the fat in the milk, is not a great disaster.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk fat can improve the proportion of muscle in the body, and improve metabolism and exercise efficiency, so that the effect of exercise and fitness is more significant.

In addition, fat soluble vitamins A / D / E and carotenoids in whole milk are also helpful to promote growth and development, calcium absorption and antioxidant.

But these beneficial nutrients for human body are not provided by skim milk.

Besides, there was no significant difference in carbohydrate and protein content among whole milk, skim milk and low-fat milk.

So, except that the name sounds healthier, skim milk really doesnt help you lose weight.

On the contrary, low-cost whole milk, rich in milk fat can increase satiety, so that you can eat less other food after drinking milk, which is more conducive to weight control.

03 degreasing is not the standard answer for health

Drinking milk grows tall, drinking milk is good, drinking milk will make you smart

Many people equate milk with health and grow up to drink a glass of milk every day.

Liu Mei asks Liu Xing to have a glass of milk a day

Studies have shown that milk helps to maintain a stable blood glucose level, restore heart rate, relieve fatigue and improve exercise ability.

So drinking milk is good for your health. Its not fooling you.

Even low fat milk and skim milk have their own advantages

A team from Brigham Young University in the United States surveyed nearly 6000 volunteers to predict their lifespan by analyzing milk intake frequency, milk fat content and telomere length at the end of chromosomes.

Its easy to get old.

In other words, skim milk ages more slowly than whole milk.

So some people think skim milk is healthier, and there is no reason.

Of course, milk is never the only one that affects health and weight, but a diet made up of a variety of foods.

Usually eat more meat, drink low-fat milk can appropriately reduce fat intake; if the usual fat intake is small, drink whole fat milk, there is no need to tangle.

To drink whole milk or skim milk depends on the individuals physical needs. There is no need to fear fat if you want to lose weight. Healthy eating habits are the standard answer that dieters should be convinced of.

If you only take the fat content as the only criterion to judge the quality of milk, you may miss many delicious foods in the world.

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