Jinshas father is worried that his daughter cant get married? Its not her fault to be idealized

 Jinshas father is worried that his daughter cant get married? Its not her fault to be idealized


Speaking of this, it reminds me of Japanese actresses before. It is said that she and her husband knew each other for less than a year before they entered the marriage hall. Its also her personal requirement that if she doesnt break up for a year, she will get married. Its estimated that if you dont want to get married, youll break up. reason? Each has its own statement, and there is another that is not reliable. That is, because the stars mother is not in good health, the actress to filial piety, so hurry to get married. Mothers greatest wish is to see her daughter smoothly married. Therefore, parents love for their children is far-reaching. Oh, my God. Its hard enough for an elder.


Jinshas father was worried that his daughter would not get married, and there was deep fatherly love between the lines

Shes just idealistic, like prince charming, and so on. It seems impossible to be rich, have a good career and look handsome. Whos standing there waiting? KinSa is a little bit about her age, not yet full. It turns out that we dont worry about getting married. With such a beautiful child and a good career, we should not worry about getting married. Sigh, sigh.

Seventy years of life is rare, the most worrying is the baby daughter.


Lets think about it: for the sake of parents wishes, its really good to get married in a hurry? Sometimes, fate doesnt come, it doesnt come. I havent met anyone I like, but I havent. This is something that cant be forced at all, even if you are a Jinsha Yinsha. You can only try to find or continue to wait, otherwise it is wrong to say nothing or do nothing at present. KinSas ambivalence, I understand. But this has nothing to do with filial piety, and you dont have to put too much psychological burden on yourself.


So, is Jinsha really ideal mate as her father said?

Jinsha said: I feel quite ashamed

Bring a lot of loss to parents old age

At the same time, I cant force myself

I cant marry at will

I really didnt meet a person who was willing to marry me

If its not you dont marry or you dont marry your wife -- maybe you dont plan to marry anyone?


Jinshas view on spouse selection is too simple to be any more simple

I value happiness very much

Every decision I dont want to make

Keep me away from it

Except Im looking for a boyfriend

What kind of boy can be a good father

Hope the future family is very loving

Children dont have to be filial to me

Dont listen to me too much

Just love me

I support Jinsha. I always think that the so-called idealization is just my own requirement. And Jinshas demand is not excessive.


KinSas dad, dont worry. Jinsha is so excellent that she always has a chance to meet her true love. As long as its him, it doesnt matter later