Pereira: We performed better in the two rounds and understood Shenhuas regret

 Pereira: We performed better in the two rounds and understood Shenhuas regret

Pereira replaced anuw in the second half, and for the replacement, Pereira said: I felt that we had a drop in the front court in the closing down, and we didnt have enough running. We needed to replace players with more physical strength. So, I decided to replace Anu with Li Shenglong. Of course, Arnolds performance is also good, but he was replaced to supplement our physical fitness

Chen Wei, who replaced Yan Junling, saved Morenos penalty in the penalty kick battle. For Chen Wei, Pereira said: Chen Wei is very characteristic. Today, he also showed his own characteristics and played a better level. Finally, he saved a penalty to help the team advance. Of course, Yan Junling is more experienced and has a very high level. I am satisfied with the level of Chen Wei today.

As for the cruelty of the penalty kick, Pereira said: because of the epidemic situation, this years competition system is a bit like a cup match. There will be a penalty shoot out situation. For me, I think we are the better side in the two rounds against Shenhua. In the first round we were much better than our opponents and created a lot of opportunities. Today, both sides have the chance. We practiced penalty kicks in training, but you know, we may lose in penalty kicks. I understand the opponent very well. Its a pity that Shenhua is out like this, and its hard to accept it, but thats the rule of the game

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