Csl-hulk points to kill sun Shilin to level Shanghai 1-1 Shenhua into overtime

 Csl-hulk points to kill sun Shilin to level Shanghai 1-1 Shenhua into overtime

The two sides have played 15 times in the history of the Chinese Super League, with 8 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in Hong Kong. In the first round, Shanghong Kong was tied 0-0 by Shenhua with absolute advantage.

[wonderful scenes

Only one minute after the start of the match, Shenhua opened a corner to the back point. Mbia pressed Fu Huan with a header higher than the crossbar. Fu Huan was injured in defense and returned to the court after emergency treatment.

In the fourth minute, the left arc ball of maitijiangs front court was passed to the middle of the forbidden area, and ananutovics head flick attack was taken by Zeng Cheng.

In the seventh minute, Shenhuas periphery organized attacks continuously. After Zhang Lu pulled the top of the arc, his left foot shot far from the corner. Chen Wei fell to the ground and threw the ball out of the baseline.

In the 10th minute, Shenhua players broke into the left side of the forbidden area and returned near the baseline. Wen Jiabao, on the left side in front of the top of the forbidden area, shot angrily with his left foot. Chen Wei did not dare to save the ball carelessly.

In the 28th minute, Peng Xinli was knocked down by Cai Huikang near the midfield, and the referee Ma Ning showed the yellow card to Cai Huikang. Hong Kong side is very dissatisfied with this, and Hulk has been complaining about it all the time. The Brazilian was hit by Eddies hand when breaking through, and Ma Ning didnt play cards.

The 32nd minute, on the Hong Kong hit sharp counter attack, Oscar forbidden area right back to hit the Middle Road, anutovic right foot push shot was blocked by Wang Jiabao, slightly deflected.

In the 45th minute, when Wang shenchao was preparing to clear in the restricted area, he and Bi Jinhao faced each other on the ball. After Bi Jinhao fell to the ground, he asked for a penalty. However, Ma Ning and VaR did not make any representations, and the game continued.

In the 53rd minute, anutovichs heel hit the ball to the forbidden area from the outside of the middle. Moy, who followed up, fell down under the defense of Eddie, and Manning decisively awarded a penalty kick. Shenhua players express dissatisfaction, but Ma Ning is very firm, Hulk 55 minutes penalty kick into the left corner of the goal, Shanghong 1-0 lead.

The first 66 minutes, Eddie pick pass to the restricted area, Moreno force pressure Fu Huan head ball attack wide.

In the 79th minute, after going to Hong Kong, he broke the ball and hit back. Hulk took the ball and was knocked down by Eddie. Ma Ning showed the yellow card to Eddie.

The 82nd minute, Hulk all the way to the forbidden area, mbia back to defend the ground tackle threat.

In the 91st minute, the defense line in Hong Kong was not clean. The right side of Morenos forbidden area returned to the arc of the forbidden area. Sun Shilin followed the ball in place and fired hard with his right foot. The ball went straight into the middle of the goal and Shenhua leveled the score 1-1!

In the end, the two teams draw 1-1 and the game goes into overtime. If there is no win or loss, the two teams will enter the penalty kick battle.

No substitute: 22 sun Le, 2 Zhang Wei, 13 Wei Zhen (U23), 20 Yang Shiyuan, 15 Lin Chuangyi, 17 Chen Binbin (U23), 24 Lei Wenjie (U23), 40 Chen Chunxin (U23)

Shanghai Shenhua: 19 Zeng Cheng; 6 Feng Xiaoting, 8 Zhang Lu, 32 Aidi, 38 Wen Jiabao (U21); 7 Qian jiegei (5937 sun Shilin), 11 Yu Hanchao (9-yang Xu), 21 Zhu Baojie (5931 bolanios), 25 Peng Xinli, 30 mbia; 3-bi Jinhao (5910-moreno)

No substitute: 1-mazhen (U23), 5-zhu chenjie (U23), 14 Sun Kai, 15 Martinez, 23 Bai Jiajun, 26 Qin Sheng, 27 Li Shuai