Recitation: Thanksgiving to everyone in life

 Recitation: Thanksgiving to everyone in life

In this life, there are always times of distress and helplessness. Standing on the edge of the cliff to see the valley, you are looking down, but if you want to stand on the plain looking at the mountains, it becomes looking up.

Between people, there is no absolute height, just different fields and angles. Just like in life, there are always people who envy you, and you always have people you admire. Maybe someone envies you to write and write flowers, and you can tell all the joys and sorrows of the world, but you also envy other peoples hyphenation into music, which can make the beautiful notes into the soul of words and enter into love.

Everyone in the beginning to decide to do something, need extra courage, at this time, a seemingly ordinary encouragement, will become the strength of firm confidence.

Everything is not easy at the beginning, and everything is difficult at the beginning. The person who is willing to pull you at this time, whether you succeed or not in the future, is worth remembering forever.

The world is bustling for the benefit of the world, the world is bustling for profit.. In this world, it has never been taken for granted. When you are in trouble, everyone is eager for help, but you should also know that everyone has his own difficulties. Help you, is the sentiment, does not help, is also the duty, cuts does not have the strange resentment.

It is precisely because of this that we should be grateful to all those who have helped us, and we should also cherish every one in our life who has given us a helping hand. The new bamboo is higher than the old bamboo branch, and it is all supported by the old stem. Next year, there will be a new generation, one hundred thousand dragons and grandchildren circling the Phoenix pool. .

Gratitude is the softness of everyones heart and the minimum accomplishment of being a person. It is to feel with a heart full of love, to experience with a broad heart, and to treat with a grateful heart. Crows have the meaning of feeding back, and sheep have the grace of kneeling and sucking. People should know how to repay them.

Gratitude is a state of mind, gratitude is a kind of kindness. Gratitude is a quality, gratitude is a state of mind. Learn to be grateful, in order to realize the colorful life, to realize the responsibility of life, to understand the selflessness and warmth on the road of life.

Learn to use addition to love, to subtract resentment, to multiply gratitude, and to divide. If you love, life is lovely everywhere. If you hate, life is hateful everywhere. If you are grateful, be grateful everywhere. If you grow, everything can grow.

Ye luogui is not the call of the wind, but to be grateful for the nourishment of the earth. If you succeed, you should not lose your original intention, and dont forget the people who supported you at first.

Always remember to be grateful to those who have given us kindness. Thank you for your parents nurturing kindness, your teachers teaching grace, your classmates help, all those who are kind to you and help you, even those who are not hostile to you.

With gratitude, happiness will always be there. Be good at Thanksgiving, life has its own flowers. Happiness belongs to the contented, and happiness to the grateful. Lets treat every day of our life with a normal heart and treat everyone in front of us with a heart of gratitude.

About the reciter: Minghua: former national radio news anchor, is now the provincial satellite TV ace program dubbing. 20 years of working experience, Putonghua level a Grade A. In the enrollment of private education class, the course consultation wechat: qidianzhibo.