Poetry: there is no road in life in vain, every step counts

 Poetry: there is no road in life in vain, every step counts

Song Dynasty: Zheng Sixiao

Flowers do not bloom in a hundred flowers,

The interest of independence is not poor.

It is better to die with incense in the branches,

It never blew down in the north wind.

Never choose the way you want to go because others follow suit. Listen to your heart and choose the way you want to go.

Just like the chrysanthemum, it never competes with flowers, but blooms on the edge of the sparse fence in the cold late autumn. He would rather wither in the branches than blow down in the north wind. With a firm new idea, your road can go very long and far.

Huanxisha has always had a limited life

Song Dynasty: Yan Shu

My life has always been limited,

Its easy to be enchanted by parting at leisure,

Dont talk frequently when you are singing.

All over the mountains and rivers, the sky is far away,

Falling flowers, wind and rain hurt spring even more,

Its better to take pity on the people in front of you.

Life is limited, its hard to get together and leave. But since time flies, we should learn to cherish every minute and every second in the limited time.

Maybe when you climb the mountain and look at the vast rivers and mountains, you suddenly miss your relatives in the distance; or you may see that the wind and rain blow down the flowers and suddenly touch the feeling, but my friends, no matter how much sorrow cant offset the passing years, its better to cherish the people in front of you now.

Since you have chosen a road, dont hesitate, look forward to the future, firmly go down, cherish the present that can progress.

Ugly Slave: the middle wall of Shubo mountain road

Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji

Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, fall in love with the floor.

Fall in love with the story, for Fu new words strong say sorrow.

Now I know all the sorrow, and I still want to say it.

Want to say still rest, but way cool days good autumn!

Perhaps once you, feel that the road is rough and uneven, blame God and people. But in fact, as long as you stick to one path, the more you go back, the narrower. And when it comes to real ups and downs, dont be afraid, bite your teeth, walk past, and the road ahead will be broad.

Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji

Thousands of trees bloom in the east wind at night,

More blowing down, stars like rain.

BMW carving car fragrant road.

The sound of Phoenix and flute moves, and the light of jade pot turns,

A night of fish and dragon dance.

The golden thread of snow willow,

Smile and faint fragrance.

But in the crowd once and again, I look for her in vain,

Suddenly looking back, the man was there,

Searching in the crowd, searching again and again, asking questions again and again. After thousands of times of searching, the conscientious person finally paid off. Turning around, he found that the person he was looking for was smiling at himself in the dim light.

At all times when you want to give up, remember to say to yourself: hold on. Perhaps this once is a turning point. As long as you travel day and night, keep working hard, destiny will give you a surprise gift.

On the wall of Xilin

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

Horizontal as a ridge side into a peak.

The distance is different.

I dont know the true face of Lushan Mountain,

Its only in this mountain.

Sometimes, it is a new way to go to a dead end.

If you look at the same Lushan Mountain, you can see it is a mountain range horizontally, and it will become a mountain peak when you look at it from the side. From the distance, near place, high place and low place, the shape is different. If you cant understand the true appearance of Lushan, its just because you are in the mountains.

All the wrong ways are precious experiences. If the road ahead is blocked? Change your mind and keep going, you can still walk out of your wonderful life.

No effort is wasted in the world. Perhaps the people of the same trade will betray you, but the sweat will not betray you. There is no road in life for nothing. Every step counts.

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