[live playback time limited] Xiang songzuos two-hour in-depth interpretation of how the US dollar hegemony was established

 [live playback time limited] Xiang songzuos two-hour in-depth interpretation of how the US dollar hegemony was established

The US dollar is an unshakable reserve currency in the world. How did the US dollar standard rise? How does the U.S. superpower benefit the U.S. dollar? What enlightenment does the development of US dollar have on RMB internationalization and Chinas financial development? What are the conditions for a countrys sovereign currency to become a major international currency? Xiang songzuo gave a rigorous analysis and answered the audiences questions in detail.

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Next, we will have a talk about how the Japanese real estate bubble is shattered and how the myth of German manufacturing is created. Two closed doors will be held. Please pay attention to the official account of NetEase Research Bureau, and we will soon launch it.

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Australia, the worlds best performing market in the past 120 years, cant afford it