Ideal one is hitting the rear end truck again

 Ideal one is hitting the rear end truck again

It should be noted that this is the second time in a month that the ideal one with assisted driving has hit a lorry with lane change ahead.

On the night of September 22, an ideal one with auxiliary driving function had a serious rear end collision on G18 highway. Ideal automobile said in a statement issued on October 15 that the truck was fully responsible for the accident, which was determined by the traffic management department as a result of illegal merging.

At that time, the ideal cars response to the use of the auxiliary driving function was that at present, the auxiliary driving system had limitations in the recognition of vehicles on the side lane turning into the main lane, which could not be recognized as the main target when the vehicles in the side lane merged into 1 / 5 body, which is also the limitation of the current L2 level auxiliary driving system.

The new forces of car building represented by Tesla and ideal regard automatic driving as one of the core competitiveness. As more and more intelligent vehicles begin to carry higher level of auxiliary driving function, traffic accidents caused by the use of auxiliary driving function in recent years have gradually occurred. How should car companies promote assisted driving? What should the owner pay attention to when using the auxiliary driving function? How to divide rights and responsibilities? This is worthy of great attention of the whole industry.

Rear end driving assistance

According to the video of the tachograph released by the official wechat of Chenzhou high speed police on October 21, when the vehicle still has a certain safe distance, the truck in front has turned on the left rear light to prompt lane change. When about one third of the vehicle body has changed lanes to the left lane, the ideal one driving in a straight line in the rear hit the left side of the rear of the truck. In this process, the ideal one speed using the auxiliary driving function was maintained at 111 km, and the brake was not slowed down in time.

According to the scene pictures released by the traffic police of Chenzhou, the car body and the right front of the engine hood of the ideal one were seriously damaged after being hit. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

The local traffic police believe that the reason for the accident is that the ideal owner used the automatic driving assistance system and gave up the manual intervention of the vehicle, resulting in rear end collision. Therefore, the traffic police decided that the ideal one owner should take full responsibility.

Looking back on the ideal one rear end incident in Qingdao a month ago, the two accidents have many similarities.

Afterwards, the owner said that the vehicle was in the auxiliary driving system on state, and the speed was maintained at about 120km / h. When the owner found that the front car changed lanes and was ready to take over, it was already too late, leading to a rear end collision accident. The accident caused serious damage to the car body. The A-pillar of the ideal one was broken, and the co driver and rear passengers were injured. However, seven airbags of the whole car were not ejected.

The ideal car is explained as follows: because the rear of the truck is not correctly installed with the protective device that meets the national requirements, and the height is too high, the A-pillar directly blocks the container and becomes the main stress point, and the A-pillar can not bear such a large impact force alone; in this ideal one collision accident, the A-pillar of the vehicle is squeezed separately, and the front cabin longitudinal beam, front finger beam, collision beam and suction beam of the vehicle are squeezed There is no obvious deformation of the energy box, which does not belong to the protection scene of the air bag, and there is no airbag sensor designed in A-pillar in the current sales model..

For the auxiliary driving system, the ideal one explanation is that at present, the auxiliary driving system has limitations in the recognition of vehicles on the side lane turning into the main lane, and it can not be recognized as the main target when the vehicles in the side lane merge into 1 / 5 body, which is also the limitation of the current L2 level auxiliary driving system.

L2 level assisted driving still controls the vehicle mainly by the driver, which can not completely replace the driver to make decisions. Please use the ideal one assisted driving system safely. Ideal car.

To a certain extent, the rear end collision accident in Chenzhou is similar to that in Qingdao. In other words, when the vehicle is using the auxiliary driving function, there is a vehicle lane change ahead, but the system fails to respond in time, and the driver fails to intervene in time.

Safety of assisted driving questioned

This year, the ideal car was officially launched for delivery, and the cumulative delivery volume has exceeded 20000. It is the fastest new automobile manufacturing force enterprise to break through this achievement. One of the best selling points of the 328000 ideal one is the standard auxiliary driving system.

The ideal car claims that the current L2 level assisted driving system has limitations in recognizing vehicles entering the main lane in the next lane, and it cannot be recognized as the main target when the vehicles in the side lane merge into 1 / 5 body. And it has always stressed to users that assisted driving is not automatic driving. When auxiliary driving is started, you should always hold the steering wheel, pay attention to the surrounding road conditions, and be ready to take over the vehicle.

The external question is, at present, whether the function of vehicle assisted driving is far from mature? What is the probability of accidents due to assisted driving? How to guarantee security?

Some people think that in the actual use of the scene, when using the auxiliary driving function, the driver will not always keep vigilance as when driving normally, and it is easy to slack off. As a result, when the vehicle needs to be taken over, it can not respond in time.

Are new car companies too radical?

In fact, in recent years, new car companies such as Tesla often cause traffic accidents because of the use of auxiliary driving function. Among them, Tesla has the largest number of related accidents and caused casualties for many times.

In June of this year, on the highway in Chiayi County, Taiwan Province, a Tesla Model 3 with automatic driving turned on ran into the white truck box in front of the accident, almost all of the front part of the vehicle was submerged in the truck compartment.

Tesla has promoted the development of intelligent and automatic driving technology in the global automobile industry, and the disciples of Tesla and the new forces of Chinas automobile manufacturing also regard automatic driving as the core competitiveness of participating in market competition. Both ideal, Weilai and Xiaopeng are actively promoting the development of automatic driving technology.

On the evening of October 21, us time, Tesla released a test version of fully automatic driving software (referred to as FSD), and Tesla said it had pushed the software to a small number of car owners. Tesla boss musk said it would push software to more car owners by the end of the year.

Once again, Tesla is at the forefront of autonomous driving technology. Teslas supporters cheered for Teslas technological progress, but many people were full of anxiety and worry.

According to media reports, the U.S. auto safety regulators are paying close attention to the FSD released by Tesla. It is worth noting that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in a statement that it has heard about Teslas new features and that NHTSA will closely monitor and take action to ensure that the public avoids unreasonable safety risks. In July, the NHTSA special accident investigation team said that an investigation into 19 accidents involving Tesla vehicles found that some form of advanced driving assistance system was involved in these accidents.

There is a view that Tesla FSD has not been thoroughly tested, so that the owners can install the test version of the software and drive on the road, there is a high safety risk.

At present, the development level of new car companies such as Tesla in automatic driving technology is obviously faster than that of traditional automobile enterprises. One of the reasons is that new car companies have more radical strategies in automatic driving, while traditional car companies are more conservative and cautious. Considering the development law of the automobile industry, they pay more attention to the safety of vehicle use and have a longer safety verification cycle.

Although Tesla has launched fully automatic driving software, more and more car companies are also introducing higher level auxiliary driving systems. However, it will take many years to realize the real automatic driving, especially when the road environment and laws and regulations in China are not perfect, the development of automatic driving needs to be cautious.

In any case, for all automobile enterprises, there are many development paths for the future, but safety is always the first one.