Energy chain leader innovates energy port format to create future energy supply model

 Energy chain leader innovates energy port format to create future energy supply model

Integrated energy services into national planning

The comprehensive energy service format has been recognized by the national authority, and the relevant favorable policies have been issued continuously.

A few days ago, the national energy administration made it clear that comprehensive energy services will be incorporated into the national energy planning, strengthen planning guidance and guidance, improve relevant policies and measures, and promote the positive and orderly development of comprehensive energy services.

With the gradual implementation of the new infrastructure strategy, new energy is gradually becoming an important force in the energy consumption market. From the perspective of energy supply, the energy industry is also transforming from a single energy supply scenario to a composite energy service integrating refueling, power supply, gas charging, car back service, retail and other formats, and the industrial structure is being reshaped.

According to reports, the new energy port project invested and constructed by energy chain combines SaaS of energy chain and fast power of energy chain, and implements energy chain logistics project at the same time. Energy chain will carry out gas station upgrading and transformation business, upgrading traditional gas stations into a comprehensive energy service supply platform integrating refueling, gas filling, hydrogenation and charging.

At the same time, the project of energy chain truck drivers home - comprehensive energy port was launched, covering intelligent senseless refueling, artificial intelligence manipulator charging, rapid power exchange of new energy vehicles, gas filling, hydrogenation and truck drivers home.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that energy chain has put forward the concept of new energy port in the field of energy digitization, creating a new format through the new energy port project.

Energy chain to build a comprehensive energy service model

Energy chain has taken a solid step in the exploration of new energy port.

The National Energy Administration pointed out that comprehensive energy services are an important path to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of energy industry, and play an important role in improving the efficiency of energy system and the modernization level of industrial chain supply chain.

Energy chain is the pioneer in this field. Taking the intelligent senseless refueling created by energy chain in the new energy port as an example, energy chain has provided a variety of intelligent solutions for the upgrading and transformation of traditional gas stations.

Analysts pointed out that the centralized implementation of the three major energy chain projects shows that the energy chain is improving its energy digital ecological map.

It can be seen that comprehensive energy service is the development trend in the field of travel energy supply. Energy chain is making use of its digital transformation of energy industry chain to create a model of energy comprehensive service.