Black Friday! Shanghai index lost 3300, Kechuang fell 7percent in 50 weeks, more than 3100 shares floated green, institutions: gap filling completed

 Black Friday! Shanghai index lost 3300, Kechuang fell 7percent in 50 weeks, more than 3100 shares floated green, institutions: gap filling completed

Over 3100 floating green

Today, the three major indexes continued to decline, and the decline widened in the afternoon. The gem index once fell more than 3%, with the lowest at 2592.42 points, falling below 2600 points. The Shenzhen composite index fell by more than 2% and the Shanghai index fell more than 1%.

Most of the theme plates were floating green. The concepts of biological vaccine and photoresist led the decline. Liquor stocks weakened in the afternoon, and convertible bonds were greatly differentiated. Transactions in the two markets were sluggish, and more than 3000 stocks fell. The market atmosphere was poor.

As of the end of the day, the Shanghai index fell 1.04% to 3278.00 points, down 1.75% this week; the Shenzhen composite index fell 2.00% to 13128.46 points, down 2.99% this week; the gem index fell 2.72% to 2600.84 points, down 4.54% this week; the Kechuang 50 index fell 2.91% to 1336.53 points, down 7.09% this week.

The total transaction volume of the two cities was 687.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24 billion yuan compared with 663.7 billion yuan of the previous trading day. Among them, the turnover of Shanghai stock market was 249.9 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5 billion yuan compared with 236.4 billion yuan in the previous trading day, and 437.8 billion yuan in Shenzhen stock market.

Sectors fell more or rose less: a few sectors such as China shipbuilding, beer concept, registered new shares, banks and other sectors turned red, while photoresist, biological vaccine, SMIC concept, third generation semiconductor, agriculture and other sectors fell first.

In terms of individual stocks, more than 3100 stocks were floating green, 9 stocks were down, and nearly 230 stocks were down more than 5%; nearly 800 stocks were red, 22 stocks were trading, and more than 70 stocks were up more than 5%.

Due to the coming of the Double Ninth Festival holiday, Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong link was suspended.

Photoresist plate led the decline

The concept of beer is on the rise. Huiquan beer is on the rise. Yanjing beer is up nearly 4%, Qingdao beer is up more than 3%, and Chongqing beer is down more than 3%.

Photoresist plate led the decline in the two cities, with the plate index falling by nearly 3.5%, Rongda photosensitive and NANDA optoelectronics down more than 10%, and jinlitai, Guangxin materials, Jingrui shares, Guanghua technology and Lanying equipment fell by more than 5%.

The biological vaccine sector continued to decline today, with the plate index down by more than 3%, bio shares by more than 9%, Changchun hi tech, Watson bio and Kangxi Nuo fell by more than 8%, Kangtai bio, Bohui innovation and Zhifei biology fell by more than 6%.

The stir fry is over!

The market differentiation of convertible bonds is obvious

The crazy rise of the convertible bond market has ended. Todays trend is divided. Smart convertible bond is up 48%, Baolai convertible bond is up 31%, Junda convertible bond and Sanli convertible bond are up more than 10%; Wanli convertible bond, Haer convertible bond and Jiuzhou convertible bond are all down more than 20%.

Investors: no need to panic

Calm down! Opportunities for bargain hunting!

Governing all kinds of discontent

Theres no need to panic. A pullback is a reaffirmation of yesterdays low. After confirmation, we will attack again.

Institutions: the gap of gem is fully filled

As for the recent market trend, Guotai Junan believes that the recent market downturn is, on the one hand, the hot convertible bonds have a diversion effect on the stock market funds; on the other hand, there is still uncertainty in the peripheral news, and the market is in the stage of waiting for the boots to land, and the market sentiment is restrained. However, there is no need to be too pessimistic about the follow-up market. These factors are generally short-term factors. The domestic economy has recovered steadily, and the index has fundamental support downward. The lower edge of the box still has strong support at 3200 points. Operation on the short-term appropriate control of positions, to avoid chasing up and killing down. To be more patient with the market and wait for the market to recover, we can pay attention to the turning point of the third quarter performance and the low absorption opportunity after the varieties callback.

Yuanda investment adviser said that the index is still competing repeatedly in the 3300 point line. The 3300 line is the intensive trading area of the index and the middle line of the long-term oscillation box of the index. The key position, strong support pressure, and the trading volume can not be effectively enlarged, it is difficult to form an effective breakthrough, and there is still a short-term demand for shock and rest. Index contraction shock is mainly related to the Fifth Plenary Session of the market waiting for a clear policy. The 14th five year plan not only clarifies the direction of industrial development, but also further promotes the capital to look forward to next year, which is expected to boost the market risk preference, and the industry sectors with high expectation are expected to continue the upward trend. The market attaches great importance to this fourteenth five year plan. Before the implementation of the plan, large funds may still be mainly wait-and-see. Therefore, the 14th five-year plan may become a new breakthrough in market development.

Jufeng investment advisers believe that the market continued to adjust on Friday, financial stocks again protect the plate, vaccine, chips and other plates fell sharply. From a technical point of view, after continuous adjustment, the gem has completely made up for the gap after the National Day holiday, and the market has returned to a weak position. We need to make two preparations. One is to break the short-term support, which may be the gold buying point in the medium and long term; the other is to prepare for the market to continue to fall. After all, liquor, insurance and banks, which have strong protection in the near future, will also make up for the decline. Investors should pay attention to grasp the opportunity of selling high and absorbing low, adjusting positions and exchanging stocks. It is suggested that investors in the secondary market should pay attention to the stocks with higher than expected performance in the third quarter and the turning upward of business climate, and take the securities business plate as the market vane to pay attention to bargain hunting.

Hexin investment adviser said that the market extreme market returns, demon stocks and demon debt fly together. On the one hand, the white horse stocks are flashing, and the institutional retail investors are howling. On the other hand, the new shares of registered system compete with convertible bonds, and the capital loss of a large number of value investment is heavy. Seeing ant financial services trillion landing a shares will become the first trillion level technology stocks, and even have the possibility of anti Maotai. The CSRC studies and formulates the implementation plan of the whole market promotion registration system, and the implementation of the policy will be realized soon. It is difficult to predict the fluctuation caused by the restructuring of the existing market structure. Therefore, large funds implement the ostrich strategy, and hot money chooses to stir up the registration system Second, new shares and convertible bonds. In response to the current situation, it is the right way to see more and move less.

Guosheng Securities pointed out that the continuous shrinking adjustment of the market, the lack of leading plate driving effect, the continuous net outflow of northward funds, and the profit cashing of high-end stocks led to the continuous decline. At the same time, the pace of market expansion is still at a high level. The water absorption effect of companies with large market value such as CICCs purchase and ant financial services will soon come into operation will make it difficult for the market which is lack of incremental capital to enter the market.

Fortunately, undervalued banks, insurance and other sectors in the low can inhibit the decline of the plate speed, or can play a role in stabilizing the index. In the short term, without significant positive stimulus or financial support, the market is still difficult to improve. However, the 14th five year plan, which is to be announced next week, will determine the direction of Chinas economic development in the next five years, which is bound to point out the direction of institutional funds that are really in the process of stock swap, or cause plate rotation to speed up the allocation of related topics.

YueKai Securities said that in recent years, the plate rotation is rapid, individual stocks are showing differentiation, and long-term attention has been paid to two main lines: (1) the direction in which the performance of the third quarter report can be continuously improved and continued, such as military industry, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics (apple industrial chain), construction machinery, electrical equipment, etc.; (2) the sectors with high expectations of the 14th five year plan policy include new energy vehicles, digital currency, and so on Third generation semiconductor, photovoltaic wind power, national defense and military industry, etc. In the short and medium term, attention can be paid to (1) procyclical sectors with undervalued values, such as insurance and banking; (2) on October 21, tmalls double 11 was officially opened for pre-sale, which is expected to catalyze the arrival of the peak consumption season. We can pay proper attention to e-commerce, online Red economy, logistics, consumer goods and other sectors.