help! Ariel Lin is ten years old.

 help! Ariel Lin is ten years old.

In June, my partner, Chen Linong, filmed the MV of gentle time and space. I was also full of young girls feelings. I couldnt see the age difference between the two people at 18 years old.

Why is this shape so shocking? Is it the old picture of killing Matt? Nonono, this is Lin Yichens style at the Taipei fashion week. The sleeveless dress requires a high figure. The round arms can be seen at a glance. The silver boots are fat and awkward in height. The legs are very thick. The failed hairstyle is ten years old. Where is Lin Yichen?

This dress has been performed by many actresses. The cut-out and low cut design reveals a little sexy. Jiang Zhenyus wavy hair collocation does not appear too much tea in tea, but has a hint of feminine sexuality.

Kong Xueer black long straight with white hair band, wearing mint green dress, skin snow white, this figure who can not say absolutely?

In addition to Ariel Lin, other stars are also collective flavor, Vivian Hsu wearing colorful Tun Zi clothes to everyone.

Huang Zijiao and his wife Meng Geng Ru show up hand in hand, want to ask Xiao Meng how many days did not wash his hair?

Xu Guanghan, who has countless fans in his youth circle, has lost his modeling.

How can Feng Xiaoyue, who is relying on her beauty to eat, abandon herself? You cant wear your clothes if you have any self willed appearance.

Whats your name, brother? Oh, it turns out to be the love song Prince Lin Yujia.

They are so rustic and so confident that they are really strong inside. Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi_ NQ4682

They are so rustic and so confident that they are really strong inside.