How to choose school for postgraduate entrance examination?

 How to choose school for postgraduate entrance examination?

I especially want to learn development and educational psychology, but my major is in language. I dont have advanced mathematics foundation and cross examination. I have no advantage at all.

They recommended me to apply psychology (Masters degree). I think its good. The result shows that the admission ratio of Shanghai Normal University is 20:1, which seems to be more difficult than 211.

I wanted to give myself a chance to take this school, but the teacher said that my undergraduate colleges were not well evaluated by them. The others were Shenzhen University, Sichuan Normal University and Liaoshi Normal University. The competition was fierce.

Im from Suzhou. My parents dont allow me to go far away. They think its too far and girls are not good. Now Im back in Suzhou for seven hours, and they already miss it.

Then I thought, would you like to be a psychology teacher in school?

As a result, because the major is too remote, there is no relevant information. I spend a lot of time on Internet search every day. I am so anxious that I cant find a suitable school, I cant find school information, and I dont know people there.

Every week, I have an appointment with a counselor. She promises every time. Then its time. You cant come here later. I dont have time.

My school in Suzhou, no teacher will break the appointment, they all attach great importance to students. Extremely helpless, want to ask the past person, hope this sexy young woman can help me.

Generals reply:

Your question is full of a sentence pattern: XXX is good, but... You are constantly denying yourself with countless buts, and you are also evading reality.

In fact, everything in the world is in line with your sentence pattern. Everything has but, that is, it is not so happy and easy.

If you only look at but, then you dont have to do anything, because life is good, but we will all die.

Id like to have a Dan. All the difficulties you mentioned exist, but they can be solved in fact.

The admission ratio of 20:1 is not low. I remember that when I took the exam, the admission ratio seemed to be about 80:1. If I was admitted to the University at 1:1, what strength would it be.

Postgraduate entrance examination is not a single wooden bridge, the vast majority of people is the denominator, this is a postgraduate entrance examination should have some awareness.

As for the fact that you cant find the professional information of colleges and universities, I have doubts. I took the postgraduate examination 12 years ago, and the information on the Internet is not small. How can we say that we cant find information 12 years later when the Internet is so developed.

Even if you dont have one on the Internet, you always have a phone call. If you cant ask, you can go to the local college to find a tutor or a senior sister. If you say that there are many classes, you can ask for leave.

Still that sentence, there is no problem that can not be solved, only the price is not willing to pay.

As for the weak foundation of advanced mathematics, we should spend more time reviewing. There were many students with pure liberal arts background in our class at that time, and the undergraduate colleges were average. There were also some colleges and universities that you mentioned from bad wind evaluation.

Everyone is from the thousands of troops rushed out, postgraduate entrance examination this matter is relatively fair, you can have strength.

As for not finding a counselor, it is also very simple, block the door. There will always be an opportunity to meet, no matter how busy I am, I will say a few words to you.

Because your schools wind evaluation is not good, I gave up the idea of taking an examination of this school. Because my parents dont allow me to go far away, I dont think about those colleges. I dont think you are ready for the postgraduate entrance examination.

Any weak obstruction can be a strong reason. What are you going to pay for the postgraduate entrance examination?

Are you looking for information everywhere, in order to find a suitable school and major, or to avoid reality, not to prepare for the exam?

Id like to say the last hurtful remark. Its not something you do before you sign up for the college entrance examination. This kind of research and preparation for the summer vacation can be completed.

The above may be a little harsh, but you look like a headless fly and think you need to be slapped on the head. Your problem now is not that you cant find information, but that you have a strong fear of difficulties and weak action.

I am a psychology major, so I will give you some specific suggestions for your reference, but it is likely to be outdated. Finally, I will decide on your own:

1. the difficulty of the examination in several colleges you mentioned should be the same, so choose a city you want to go to.

After all, its only 2 or 3 years. After all, you can go back to your hometown after graduation. Shanghai and Shenzhen are both first tier cities, so they have more opportunities to obtain information and contact with the society. For example, they are more likely to find internships;

If we recognize the path of psychology, development and educational psychology are more suitable for research (school work has more advantages), and the masters degree in applied psychology is relatively less valuable, and many people just want to get a diploma;

3. Postgraduate entrance examination is not only one chance, do not need to label, or World War II is not filial piety.

If its what you really want, its not worth spending an extra year, its worth it, and Im the World War II ashore. Im grateful for spending an extra year, with solid basic knowledge, and taking the public funded postgraduate examination, saving tens of thousands of yuan!

Finally, dont have any illusions about the employment prospects of psychology major. The most suitable students for this major are those who love psychology and are not very good at using secular standards to demand themselves.

Wish you can get what you want, and effort is the best way to cast your name.