Can you only accept your life and live each day by suppressing yourself?

 Can you only accept your life and live each day by suppressing yourself?

He is eager for friendship, but always careful. He becomes the one who outputs more good intentions, so he always feels tired and hurt. A partner who yearns for hand in hand is too easy to fall into love and has experienced economic vampires, domestic violence and various kinds of

There are always some people who say that these are not important. It is the most practical thing to strive to improve yourself, get a higher social status and earn more money.

I agree with them, but for my needs, material can never help me to get inner peace. The only thing I need is spiritual things.

Perhaps so far, friendship or love, the pursuit of company, friends, partners are not high requirements, but not all.

Repeatedly admonished myself that benevolence is unrequited, but I really need to I need my dedication to get good spiritual feedback to fill my biggest need, so I will be jealous and resentful.

Do you have to admit your life from small to large, and then rely on abandoning these needs to barely survive every day?

I have made a lot of efforts and changes. I dont know whether the way is right or not. I only know that the future that comforts me when I was a child has come, but nothing has changed.

Generals reply:

Its not so much that you are asking questions. Its more like a confession book. I can understand the confusion, but I cant start.

Think of last year, inadvertently turned out more than ten years ago diary, read a few articles, the feeling after reading is similar to reading your questions.

I also wrote a lot of modified life feelings, including confusion, but I did not write about what happened to me, and those feelings now seem to be very large and deep.

I dont know if this is a kind of literary youth disease. Anyway, I had a lot of them before. I cant speak well. A mouth is a big word, and a feeling is a life.

Maybe Qi is one of those. Because he was lovelorn, he wrote love is separated by mountains and seas in his diary. Because he had not seen friends for many years, he would say if I dont see each other in life, Im like a participant. Because my work is not smooth, he may cry, can I just accept my life?

This is also your current situation. It is very philosophical for you to summarize everything first and treat life and problems in a very metaphysical way, but it does not make you willingly accept this philosophy.

When you plunge into life, trivial things will still trouble you. It can be seen that you add a new layer of problems to the problems - too easy to value, not grounded.

My illness later improved, and I didnt write in my diary. I paid the electricity bill several times, repaired the door locks several times, and dealt with the incident of handling certificates running around the country several times, so that the whole person could fly on the ground.

To tell you the truth, I dont think my experience is worthy of those insights and summaries. One thing is just one thing. Dont always talk about the floating things of life philosophy and meaning.

If you can express what you encounter honestly and simply, then you can have proper and instructive thinking. The way of bottom-up is exactly what you lack now.

For example, you mentioned that eager for friendship, but always careful, and become the more kind-hearted party, so always feel tired and hurt. This sentence is summed up by you. I can also have a philosophical discussion with you.

But a more operational way is to restore one thing, what happened between you and a friend, what you did, what he did, how you felt tired and hurt.

Only by concreting the problem can we see something more concrete and know where the problem lies.

The romantic mood of literature is embellished and over generalized. It can neither help you nor see yourself clearly.

It also includes the pursuit of company you mentioned, the degree and standard of this kind of company, and what you mean by not asking for anything.

It seems clear, but in fact you are avoiding complexity and solving problems.

Even, you may enjoy the state of life in which you pretend to be sober, sharp, and good at summarizing without facing specific problems.

Girl, to express feelings is to express feelings, to understand life is to understand life, these are to get, but not all of life.

Lets straighten out the details first, OK?