If my boyfriend cant let me have a good material life in the future, do you want to break up?

 If my boyfriend cant let me have a good material life in the future, do you want to break up?

Although we were together because we liked each other and felt happy at the beginning, the more we got along with each other, the more we got along with each other, the more realistic problems we had to face. He felt that he didnt have anything and continued to be together would delay me, so he broke up with me ruthlessly.

In fact, when I was with him, I always thought about this problem, and I had been very tangled. Could I accept a marriage with only love and no bread, but I didnt come up with a result. So when he said why he wanted to break up, I acquiesced.

But now every day has been very bad, I think that even if we can find a better condition than him, it is very difficult to meet a soul mate who knows me so well.

But he did not dare to firmly say to him, even if there is no money, I am still willing to face with you (I am a pessimist and extremely lack of security, although I do not want to be rich and rich, but I hope that when I need money, I dont feel too embarrassed).

Should I talk to him about practical issues and compromise my material requirements, or should I let this relationship end? Please give me some advice, thank you.

Generals reply:

On the surface, your problem is he lacks material foundation, no bread, only love. Lets assume: if he is a rich second generation and does not lack material foundation, will the problem between you be solved?

Bread is not a problem, but the real problem comes to the surface - is the future certain? Are you sure to get married?

Any love, there are risks, but the dimensions of risk are not the same. You did not break up because of the material basis, but both of them did not have the faith to join hands in the future.

This year, I revisited friends. When Phoebe got married in the last season, Mike said to her, every day with you is an adventure. I love this confession.

With a person, the purpose is to run towards happiness, but also do have to be prepared to take risks together, maybe tomorrow will lose you, maybe tomorrow will face difficulties and obstacles, but I am ready, I am willing to face with you.

And you two obviously want ready-made and perfect love. Every day, there are only pink bubbles, which are pricked and broken by the needle of reality.

The real difficulties havent appeared yet. Just worry and fear will make you all shrink back. Such feelings cant stand the wind and rain. Its right to break up early.

In fact, after reading your question, I feel a little confused. You are only 26 years old, and he is only 22 years old. Whats so urgent? Why should we make a final decision now? Why do you think that there is no bread and material shortage in your future?

Didnt you create the future together?

Still did not grow up, always hope that all have someone to shop for their own good, everything is just right, he likes you, and has money, you all agree, only to set a good day.

Youth novels are not written in this way, and fairy tales are not popular. Snow White ate poisonous apples, and mermaids will become dumb. These are not only risks, but also sufferings. We only remember that they were happy together at last, but forgot how much they paid for love and how much they undertook.

Since there is no youjump, Ijump determination, then stay on shore.

Brave people can get love, but not everyone has to be brave.