Dont worry, your love will come

 Dont worry, your love will come

Its been more than five years now, I said slowly after hanging up the phone of my delivery brother. The first time I said I love you was after he confessed to me. At that time, it was really simple. The campus was so big and our world was so big. For the first time, I saw the boys face blush because of his shyness. For the first time, I felt my heart beat so strong Once I was walking in the campus with my beloved hand in hand, the feeling of happiness is still unforgettable. Later, we went through a lot of small but sweet things together. Every time we think of these small things, its like throwing a handful of salt into our hearts.

I went to the window and looked at the haze sky outside the window and the neon under the sky. It seems that spring in Beijing is no different from that in winter. Although the heating has been stopped, the haze outside the house seems to disappear forever, just like our future, which is looming and cant see the end.

The last time I said I love you was on the day when we broke up, I looked at the direction of the track and continued: I am a stubborn person. I have been determined to love only one person in my life. When I met him, I thought he was the one I had been waiting for. He would walk with me hand in hand, but fate did not give me such a chance.

I remember the last time we met, the weather was cold and terrible. Maybe the time wasted too much patience with each other. We looked at each other without saying a word all night. I expected him to hold me tightly like in the novel. The bridge didnt appear. He just silently turned around and said goodbye, leaving me standing in the cold wind alone, watching his back disappear at the end of the road At that moment, I knew that the clenched hands may also be released. Some people meet for good-bye, and some dreams will wake up after they have done it

After that day, I took a worn-out suitcase and said goodbye to everything I once had. I came to this huge Beijing City alone and lived in the same eaves with you, monkey and Nana.

I went to the door and took the delivery from my little brother. Looking at his sunny smile, I felt a warm feeling in my heart. I asked ah Hua to come to the restaurant and share our dinner. Since Nana moved out, ah Hua and I like to spend a whole day in our house on weekends, and then order takeout at the same time. Sometimes we meet the same handsome takeout brother, just like today. Hua got up and went to the cupboard, picked up the bottle of wine with a little dust, and gently wiped the dust off the bottle.

Some people have left, but their influence on you has always been, just like engraved on your genes, walking with you like a shadow, I picked up a chicken wing and said to ah Hua, I used to eat a piece of chicken without eating any chicken. After I was with him, I became no chicken, especially the spicy chicken wings, which was his favorite. I once ate my nose and tears, but Now, the taste has become my exclusive. For a long time after I separated from him, I couldnt eat a mouthful of chicken wings, but now, you see, only bones are left in this chicken wing. I dried the oil stains on my hands and took a sip of wine.

Sometimes I wonder, at our age, will I never say I love you again? Will we never meet the person who makes our heart beat? Will this be the rest of our lives? You see Pinger, monkey and their children all run away. Nana got married last month, and she shows her sweetness in the circle of friends every day. When we first came to Beijing, we gathered here at the weekend to listen to Nana talking about stars and monkeys in the kitchen. We had dinner, chatting and blowing cattle together. Now, there were only two of us. You see, this bottle of wine was brought over by the fourth grade six months ago, and there was already a thin layer of dust on it A flower of a strong man can not hide the loss of his heart.

No, ah Hua, there are still many people like you and me in this world. Although we are in an awkward age, the right person will come. He will let you feel the beauty of love again. He will let you sincerely say that I love you, and he will accompany you through all the time in the future, and never leave again Field. So, please be patient, be patient, always keep an expectant heart and be ready to meet him. Just like this bottle of red wine, it will come to the day when it is opened.

That night, a gag said a lot, I thought a lot quietly, we nestled in each others deep sleep, in this huge Beijing City, in your absence days, fortunately, I have a flower can warm each other.

Maybe before our favorite comes, we will have a hard time and a lonely time. But as long as he will come, whats wrong with more such days?

Author: after the 13th and the 85th, Internet writers, paranoid patients, give words to the soul, integrate feelings into growth, focus on wandering and feelings.

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