Cui Cui: you are so busy with your work, what about the children?

 Cui Cui: you are so busy with your work, what about the children?

I didnt think there was anything. I had to work so hard to get some achievements. In recent years, when I became a mother, I encountered a new problem

Youre so busy, what about the child?

For example, I chatted with an interviewer a few days ago and was eager to join us. I talked about the vision, the users and the products. At the end of the chat, I suddenly remembered what and asked me that my child is only 3 years old. I must be very busy joining a start-up company. Would he not care about TA? How do you balance it?

Last week, when I was on a business trip at the airport, I received a call from swallow. She is a lawyer. She is usually very busy. I usually call her in this painting style: Im going to have a meeting right now. Finish it in 10 minutes. Hurry up.

Yesterday at the airport, I was dragging my luggage with half a unfinished hamburger in my hand. I heard it for two 10 minutes. To the effect, her children were complained by other parents in kindergarten, saying that biting children and pushing others. The teacher always told her openly and secretly that love and company are very important, and that childrens way is directly related to her being too busy.

She apologized to the teacher and explained, Im really busy, but I try to arrange time with my children on weekends. But the teacher said, its not enough. You can see how your child behaves.

Swallows collapse: working mothers are discriminated against.

This problem often occurs in my family. My mother always thinks that little walnuts are not gregarious and their English is not good enough. You dont know how fluent and cheerful the children in the community are in English. Small walnut to the pulley slide, other children are together to play, he is alone, not gregarious. Youre so busy working that you dont know that.

Im a little confused. Just two weeks ago, the kindergarten teacher reported that every child said his good friend was a little walnut. Every time he expresses his needs or gives advice to others, he is gentle and firm.

The day the teacher said these words was the Christmas ladder of little walnut kindergarten. My mother was also there and heard these words.

I thought about it for a while, and then I reflected that my mothers anxiety was that other children were always accompanied by their mothers as much as possible. There was a big gap between small walnuts in this regard, so there must be some places that were inferior to others!

To be honest, I admit that Im not a perfect mom. There are a lot of places where integrity is not done. For example, eating, drinking and Lasa is not a general carelessness. You think, a business dog who often has lunch at two oclock and dinner at nine or ten oclock must have enough self-knowledge on this point, so I entrusted the small walnut to my parents in my daily life.

Just when I was a mother, I was ashamed and self reproached for it. With time, I constantly understood myself and children, and gradually found my way to be a mother.

Most of my life, I am an anxious and self abased person. But its strange to say that now, in the matter of raising walnuts, its a rare place for me to be confident.

Dont get me wrong. Walnut is not a proud genius. He has no superior intelligence. He is very ordinary. But he has the ability to think, occasionally stubborn, do not like to wash his hair, brushing teeth to play toothpaste to play half an hour. He is very focused and has his own hobbies.

Well, one more thing, hes happy.

More than once, he said coldly, how happy.

The only thing I can do is to learn to understand TA all the time.

Is it that simple? Yes, in a word, it is the most difficult thing to do in the world.

I was on a business trip the day before yesterday. I had a video with xiaowalnut every day. He knew that his mother was always on a business trip since he was a child. When he picked up the first sentence of the video, he always asked, where are you?

Im on my way to the airport. Are you coming back? Yes. Would you pick me up? My grandfather is drinking and cant drive. You can drive it. Im kidding.

He put down his mobile phone and ran to the balcony. Suddenly, there was a bang, and there was a cry.

My heart is very painful very painful, the side pretends calm ground asks, whats the matter?

My dad said that he wanted to get the bike and pretended to pick you up. He was accidentally hit by a bicycle on his foot.

Crying so loud. No pain, no pain. Its OK. They are in a hurry. Walnuts spend more time with them than with me.

I didnt fall. It didnt hurt. Oh, its OK. Walnut cried more loudly.

I cant help but worry, you are not him. How can you know that he doesnt hurt?! Admit whats wrong with him!

The driver took a look at me in the rearview mirror.

Im really in pain, but they always say it doesnt hurt. Im really happy, but they always say dont be proud. I really want the lollipop, but they say the vegetables are better.

I sit next to them and they never look at me.

Little walnut heard me say is not very painful time, aggrieved nodded.

Is it a pain in the foot? He nodded. Then, it eased down.

Its really that simple.

Recently, we found a kind of fun card game called super rhino. According to the rules, the cards are put up layer by layer. If we are not careful enough, the built archway will collapse.

Its very simple. But after playing a few times, little walnuts interest weakened.

He shook his hand and refused, I always lose.

Dad heard, it doesnt matter if I lose. Dont I always lose?. Its OK. Ill lose. It doesnt mean anything.

Little walnut still refused.

My father was a little helpless. He looked at me, is this self-esteem too strong, or is the resilience too poor?

I dont quite understand. Nothing.

Seeing that I didnt respond, my father turned his head and communicated with walnut: if you always win, I will always lose.

I wash my face and think about it. I always think something is wrong.

The walnut didnt respond. Dad was very upset. He murmured as he walked, dont you often lose when you play go, dont you still keep playing.

Ah! I seem to know!

If he is not afraid of losing in other games, it must have something to do with the characteristics of this game. Whats the relationship? Several times when the archway was about to collapse, he covered his ears and ran away.

I think of the weekly work feedback in kindergarten. At the conclusion, it was written in big words: he is in an order sensitive period..

With a face cleanser on my face, I jumped out of the bathroom and asked walnut, are you afraid of the moment when the archway collapses?

The little walnuts eyes lit up and nodded.

It was these moments that I felt more confident.

Even if I even want to wear a few yards of shoes for a long time, even if we have very little time to get along with each other, we can hardly see him on weekdays. Occasionally, when I get off work before 9 oclock and rush home to see him, he will fall asleep.

But I always feel like weve been together.

When I was on business, in meetings, too busy to remember that I had a son, we were still together.

Because I firmly believe that in his very small heart, he knows that whenever and wherever he needs, his mother will understand him and help him understand himself. And I also know that he is a complete enough individual to be understood and respected.

Ive seen countless very intimate parent-child relationships that give up all their time, but complain and estrange each other. Theyre together, they cant see each other.

Thats why Im confident that although we are so busy, the way we love is not so intimate, but close enough.

In me you look for the mountain and the sun buried in the forest. Im looking for a boat in you. Its lost in the middle of the night.

A few days ago, I read a poem by a Mexican poet, which is what I want to say. Its my ideal of a mutually supportive and independent relationship between people.

To everyone who loves others.

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