The largest brothel closed down, Disney lost 33.4 billion yuan: Chinas move, foreign media out of control!

 The largest brothel closed down, Disney lost 33.4 billion yuan: Chinas move, foreign media out of control!

They had to file for bankruptcy.

For a while, sex workers lost their jobs and lost their future.

Source: new evening news

According to German media reports, the Pasha brothel covers an area of 9000 square meters, with 12 floors and more than 100 rooms.

There are about 120 sex workers and 80 other employees.

There are about 30000 men a month.

In Germany, sex work is legal.

Take the Pasha brothel.

This brings German ZF a very rich income.

Now it has filed for bankruptcy, which is a headache for the German ZF.

Source: Global Times

The owner of the Pasha brothel said:

We have rented this building for 19 years. I never thought that my company would go bankrupt. Pasas operating costs are six figures. Although the government has given us financial aid, we can no longer afford these expenses. Faced with all this, I dont know what to say or how to go next.

Between the words, are helpless.

Some time ago, the epidemic situation in Europe has improved.

But brothels cant be released.

Desperate sex workers have taken to the streets, demonstrations.

About 400 sex workers gathered in the red light district of Hamburg, Germany.

The oldest profession in the world needs your help..

Sex work should not be made illegal because of the epidemic..


Let them shout, complain, ask for help There was no response.

The news of bankruptcies, layoffs and unemployment is endless.

Disney laid off nearly 30000 people;

Airbus is expected to cut 15000 jobs;

Behind every piece of news, there may be a group of people who have lost their jobs.

The president of the world bank has warned:

The new outbreak could lead to 100 million people falling back into extreme poverty.

Its not just talk.

Some people, just alive, have done their best.

Affected by the epidemic, the daily passenger flow is very small.

Even his familys three meals a day were problematic.

In despair, he chose to commit suicide.

Afterwards, an Indian Citizen said in an interview:

At a time when unemployment is so high,

It is very important that the government issues something similar to a subsidy card.

As a matter of fact, because of the rise in grain prices and prices, it is impossible to buy goods without a subsidy card.

Mos drivers son said:

Our family also applied for a subsidy card,

But it never worked.

The death of my father has a lot to do with it

Whats more tragic is that such tragedies are constantly emerging in the lower levels of the epidemic.

On March 31, a shocking case happened in Sussex, England.

A couple and their two young daughters died one by one.

It was only after investigation that it was a suicide case.

Robert, 42, is a local construction worker.

Affected by the epidemic, he lost his job.

No job, no income.

When the family savings are used up, the resumption of business is still far away.

Looking at the increasingly depressed wife, and the two children crying for food.

He was desperate.

In the end, he made an amazing decision.

After killing his wife, two daughters, and pet dog, he also ended his life.

One might say that he is too selfish.

Why hurt the innocent if you dont want to live?

But we are not him, we can not feel the despair.

Under the epidemic situation, they are unable to protect themselves.

June 20, in front of a gas station in Thailand.

A car has been parked for 2 days, and its owner has already died.

Source: Thailand net

The car owner is Peng Tong, 35.

In his letter, he wrote:

I hope my family dont care about my death,

Remember the good side about me,

I love my two young children,

And Im sorry for my death

According to his friend, he had been unemployed for two months.

Perhaps the most terrible thing about an epidemic is not the virus, but the desperate life.

I saw a video yesterday.

The reporter asked her what she was doing outside?

She said, to eat.

The first two months.

Before committing suicide, he sold his mobile phone for 230 yuan.

With this money, I bought some food and a small electric fan for my family.

And he himself, on the dead end..

The above cases all illustrate a problem

Gauss, an economist at the world bank, once said:

In other words, the global economy is likely to decline.

The scope of its influence is wide and the scale is large. We dont know.

Some time ago, the former deputy director of CDC said, the second wave of global epidemic has begun.

There is still a second epidemic, but the economy can not afford another blockade.

The world bank predicts that in 2020, the U.S. economy will shrink by 6.1%, the euro zone by 9.1%, Japan by 6.1%, and India by 3.2%

This is just a general prediction.

Let me show you some specific data.

According to Dutch media estimates, within a year and a half, 8000 companies in the Netherlands may close down.

Last year, fewer than 4000 companies declared bankruptcy.

Last month, Disney announced that it would cut 28000 jobs in the United States.

Thats almost a quarter of all jobs in the U.S. holiday industry.

Even worse, Disney has lost nearly $5 billion (33.47 billion yuan) in the second quarter of this year alone.

According to a report published by air transport action in Geneva, Switzerland:

By the beginning of next year, nearly 46 million jobs related to the global aviation industry may be cut due to the epidemic.

There are only 88 million jobs related to the aviation industry.

In other words, more than half of the total number of people employed in the industry will be unemployed.

As of August 15, 888 shooting incidents have occurred in New York in 2020.

This year, there have been 375 mass shootings in the United States.

Some scholars believe that the epidemic led to mass unemployment in the United States.

Panic intensified, leading to frequent shooting violence.

These are only part of the global economic downturn.

Some areas were unsealed after they were closed, and then they were closed again.

The economy has been hit repeatedly

This is the current environment. On a global scale, no one is immune.

The situation abroad is worrying, but at home it is totally different.

On July 16, the National Bureau of statistics released a set of data.

Chinas GDP grew by 3.2% year on year in the second quarter.

It is the worlds first economy to recover growth.


In just a few months, Chinas economy has recovered rapidly.

It seems unusual, but in fact, there are traces to follow.

In April this year, Wuhan, which has attracted worldwide attention, has been reborn.

Cars, water and horses are flowing, and people are surging.

Wuhans largest night market, with a daily flow of more than 20000 people.

Picture source: cloud of Yangtze River

In nearly three months, Wuhan has returned to its former prosperity.

This is strength and determination.

China as a whole is on the right track.

Data released by the National Bureau of statistics show that:

This year, the total output of summer grain in China is 285.6 billion jin, 2.42 billion jin more than that in 2019.

But China did it!

Lets look at the employment situation in China.

Under the epidemic situation, the unemployment rate in many countries has soared to double digits.

The unemployment rate in Chinas urban survey is only 6%.

If you look at the global horizontal comparison, the unemployment rate of 6% is very low.

By the end of 2019, Chinas survey unemployment rate is 5.2%.

Even affected by the epidemic, it only increased by 0.8%.

Lets compare America.

The unemployment rate in the United States was 3.5% at the end of last year.

This year, it soared to 15%.

I cant help feeling how happy I am to be born in China.

While other countries are still fighting the epidemic, our lives are as usual.

In the Past National Day holiday, as many as 550 million Chinese people went out to play.

They watched the performance in the Yellow Crane Tower Scenic Spot in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Shopping in Sanya international duty free city.

There are so many people, so busy.

Facing this situation, the New York Times said:

The Chinese do what many people in other countries dream of.

This is a clear signal that China is recovering from the epidemic.

Looking back on the epidemic situation in China, there was a time of panic.

But China was born fearless, turned fear into strength, bravely defeated the darkness, and dawn arrived as scheduled.

This can not help but remind me of a foreign student said.

China is my forever supporter. When the country is here, it means peace of mind.

Even if the epidemic is rampant abroad, the global economy is in recession.

Other countries

Because you are in China!

Author: Ling Yi