Its harder to find a sports commentator who respects women than to look for a needle in a haystack?

 Its harder to find a sports commentator who respects women than to look for a needle in a haystack?

This is not because Dong Lu, who is known for sleeping in the European champions make complaints about snoring, has made a moth. When he was Tucao VAR, he used this phrase:

It happened that I also watched the ball. At the injury time stage, Henderson, a Liverpool player, scored. Just as I was excited about the winner, VAR ran to play for himself. Through video playback, the referee decided that the ball was offside and the goal was invalid. This ball is known as body hair class offside, many fans (including me) from the video playback, can not find any trace of offside.

As a fake Liverpool fan, after watching the game, my wife continued to abuse the referee and VaR for hours, and even scolded again when writing this article. Therefore, I fully understand Dong Lus mood.

But what did our girls do wrong?!

Almost all the management of the FA which introduced var into the Premier League are men, the referee Michael Owen is male, and the VaR referee David Gutt is also male. (unfortunately, football is now a male dominated industry. Not only is the income gap between male and female players wide, but other job opportunities are often monopolized by men.)

In the whole process of the introduction and use of VaR, there is almost no female participation.

What makes football fussy and boring is men and women why lie down?

Is it so hard to speak well?

To sum up, sports commentators in the gender awareness of the problems, mainly divided into the following.

This is the most straightforward discrimination and stigma against women, which is not uncommon in sports commentators. In the eyes of this group of people, masculinity is obviously superior to feminine temperament. Any bad behavior can be solved by cursing the word Niang.

In the 2016 European Cup, Germany lost to France 0:2 in the semi-final. Dong Lus Micro blog content is shown in the picture

The second is to belittle and distrust specific women.

The most typical example is this years womens day. During the commentary, football commentator Shen Fangjian teased the female referee Bi bianna with her height, name, boyfriend and even previous work, and also questioned her professionalism.

For example, before the match started, he said, you see, the female referee is different. then he said, I hope that after the game starts, everyone will not look at her. Its better that she doesnt show up, so that the game will be more smooth.

In the course of the match, he constantly stressed that the referee blocked the ball (occasionally blocking the ball is not rare in football matches, and there was no eye-catching referee blocking the ball in this game), called the referee subdue the policewoman, and constantly mentioned the female identity of the referee when the referee did not make controversial decisions and did not snatch the ball at all.

This is the common sex discrimination in the workplace. In the face of female practitioners, we always add a layer of she cant filter. The judgment of her is not mainly from the professional level, but from the external conditions such as appearance, body shape and family.

But what about Shen Fangjians own interpretation level?

He is often criticized for his nagging explanation of not doing his homework. He is like a male worker who does not work hard and achieves nothing but relies on gender attacks to find self-esteem.

The third one is some bad meat jokes.

This kind of paragraph is not rare in the process of interpretation, and even become the habit of some people.

When a female player makes a good shot, she should challenge the men.

When a female player plays hard and confrontational, her playing style is masculine.

I dont understand. Are male players patenting certain methods of play or over speed? Once a woman player can do it, she becomes as strong as a man..

As a female fan, I never deny the difference between mens and womens bodies. It is this difference that leads to the different appreciation of mens and womens competitive sports. Female players dont have to play like men to be good at playing, because male players are not the standard of good.

You cant define a style and play with a gender. Calling a tough female player masculine is like calling a skilled male player feminine..

This kind of praise discrimination is particularly common in womens football and womens basketball matches. If you randomly find a few womens football and womens basketball matches that are broadcast live, you will hear a lot of such praise.

The commentator will focus on the age, appearance, clothing, personal life of female athletes intentionally and unintentionally, but there will be no such preference for male athletes.

Words used to describe women

This kind of prejudice is recessive. If there is no research result, no matter how sensitive the audience is, they will ignore the deviation of the explanation words.

Can such a trend be saved?

These five prejudices are full of commentary in each game, as they go by.

So many friends are very confused with me: as a feminist, how can you watch the game?

Even if you dont watch the ball, have you ever used Niang to curse people?

Have you ever played dirty jokes on women?

Have you ever seen a woman or a man?

No matter what achievements a woman has, she always tangles with her appearance and private life. Have you seen it?

Without breaking the patriarchy, female players and referees, like all women, will not be immune from it.

Of course, the efforts of the sports circle itself are also effective.

For example, in the comments criticizing Dong Lu, some fans have carried out moon watching activities. Establishing an effective mechanism to let commentators not dare run the train with their mouths full can be the first step.

The more effective way is to let more women participate in the interpretation work.

In China, in most cases, the female commentators who appear on the stage are just vases besides commentators and guests. The most important thing is to look good and not be given too much real interpretation work.

By contrast, male commentators are greasy, bald, fat and slovenly. At least I believe that female commentators will not fall asleep in the studio and snore.

Due to the large population base and the large number of female fans in China, more girls are encouraged to participate in the interpretation work. The live broadcast platform also gives more opportunities to women regardless of their appearance, which can greatly change the female weariness ecology.

I cant. look at me. Its not sure if I can explain it well. Im confident that Shen Fangjian has done enough homework.

Jackie Oatley became the first female commentator of a BBC ace football show in 2007


P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.