This amusement park in Malaysia is actually an office mahjong KTV

 This amusement park in Malaysia is actually an office mahjong KTV

They look clean and open, and they seem to be a good office environment. However, only you cant imagine, no one cant do it! Some companies offices can hardly be called offices. It may be more appropriate to call them amusement parks.

It is also a large flat floor, but the office designed by others is like this:

The red sculpture on the right-hand side of the door bends down and smiles at 45 degrees, as if welcoming everyone who comes here. It is full of cordiality.

Different from the general office, there is no a radish a pit station, but the use of an open desk. Let employees work freely here and promote the communication and interaction between employees. And it can be used not only for office, but also for parties.

When it comes to parties, the office has everything from a long table to a kitchen and island terrace.

Everyone should have noticed that there are many eye-catching dolls in this office, which are the love of the companys boss! The designer team specially designed many display cabinets for this office, which not only solved the storage problem, but also became a very distinctive landscape.

What else can you do with this playground like office? Please check the atlas below~